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What government weed looks like (shwag)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 4Footer, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Haha I found this pretty funny..

    EDIT: lol I like that "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN" :)

  2. #2 smoke2joints96, Jun 7, 2009
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    definetley not schwagg
    12.2 % thc, thats pretty damn good
    and it says its milled-which means already ground
    did you even read?
    that shits straight Sativa!
  3. i was talkin with a friend the other day and they said that gov weed is bullshit
    like its 2% thc, just some nasty schwag
  4. Sounds dank, looks already ground up, it's probably gonna be bomb.
  5. notice the spelling difference between the canadian governments bud, and the americfan governments bud, ours is alot more ignorant.

    But, atleat the US gov't sells it pre-rolled
  6. didnt G13 haze come from the government?
  7. I would think government bud would be pretty dank because it was grown by professionals.
  8. Highly doubt it, theres alot of rumors.
    although the Gov't really does have a growing faciity, that is not a myth

  9. No, absolutely not.
  10. :eek: Why would the govt have marijuana for? Testing? More importantly why are they rolled?
    Do they have people smoke em and record the effects or something? Where do i sign up?:smoking:
  11. No. G-13 doesn't exist, not in the way the popular urban legend says. There never was any such strain, but today there are breeders who sell 'G-13' as a marketing ploy so in that sense it's become a 'real' strain.

    It's utter crap. Total schwag. Trust me on this one.

    You'd think that, but sadly that isn't the case. They have no interest in breeding a strong strain.

    There are a limited number of people who legally get smoke from the Feds, plus they grow them at that facility to study the biochemistry of the plant and figure out new ways to try to kill it.
  12. I always learn somthing new from your posts, even when Im not trying.
  13. Great read.
  14. Um... forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by "kill it?"
  15. new ways to kill our beautiful herb without killing other plants in the are, thats what i thought he meant
  16. Bastards. Damn them.
  17. Isn't government weed the same as medical?
    From what I know, medical is daaaaaaank.
  18. Once upon a time the FEDERAL government in the US had a medical marijuana program. It was disband by George Bush Sr. in '92 I believe. Those still on the program at the time it was disbanded were allowed to keep recieving shipments of government weed, and can legally use it anywhere.

    [ame=]YouTube - Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Irv Rosenfeld[/ame]

    This video is an interview with Irv Rosenfeld, one of the patients on this program. There are many more on youtube if you are interested.

    Thats why G-13 won the cannibis cup recently right :rolleyes:

    its a real strain
  19. This is federal gov't, grown by the feds.

  20. Believe me, our government isnt out to kill marijuana.

    There are too many people with diseases like multiple sclerosis, alzheimers, depression etc. who actually depend on the plant, and research is uncovering more and more about the anti-cancer properties of bud.

    To make marijuana go extinct is the last thing america or canada have on their agendas.

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