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What goes on during the process of smoking "for ______"? (Great long story included!)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Wonton, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. [post that needs no rambling]

    So, it's a commonly passed around term: Smoke one for me, I'll smoke one for you, etc...

    But what actually makes a particular blunt, joint, bowl, whathave you, "for someone"?


    The weirdest thing happened. EVER.

    So we're walking up and down the boardwalk at Ocean City, MD. ALL up and down this mofo there's shitloads of shops with beach/punk/goth/MARIJUANA culture at heart. The two buddies I'm with and I look in every shop that is a likely carrier of "tobacco" paraphanelia (glass pipes, etc...) we have glass bowl in mind, that and a ceramic bong... The shops we look thru are typical boardwalk beach-front marijuana like shops... piercing jewelry in crazy neon colors in the front, tshirts... but all we find are ceramic ashtrays with marley and stuff (cool, but can't smoke outta it) and lighters... etc. NO pieces or papers anywhere...

    Anyways, we go into one shop, look thru, no success. I go to ask the cashier girl. White with great tan, medium build, long unclean blonde hair... cute, like Unclean-Beach-Meg-Ryan-surfer-chick. DEFINATE pothead. I ask her where I could get one. We talk a while, the conversation drifts to other areas, and before long it's been 10 minutes and I have to go. As I'm leaving she yells "Smoke one for me!" and tosses a business card w/ her number on the back.

    I never really thought about it before, but people often have asked me to smoke one for them, and I'd asked people to smoke one for me in many cases, but this time her words stuck in my head, and I wanted to "smoke one for 'Kellyl [not real name]'".

    After I packed the bowl on our newly aquired ceramic bong (she gave great directions), and before I let anyone light up, I raised it and said "to Kelly". My friends, having known who I was talking about, echoed "to kelly" and we proceeded the familiar light and pass process...

    I called her later to hang out on the beach with me, and she asked me if I smoked one for her. I told her I did, and she asked me what time. Before I could reply, she answered for me... 8:05. That was an on the minute answer. We got back to the beach house at almost exactly 7:45, and after roughly 15 minutes of cleaning up and shit, we went down to the beach and my friends watch beeped letting us know it was 8pm. I packed the bowl, and in the one minute that was 8:05 I raised the bowl, toasted to her, and lit up...



    [post that would've been fine without rambling]
    So, when you smoke one for people, what normally goes on?
  2. when someone says smoke one fer them i (beings how i have 2 braincells left) usually forget....................but in yer case anice it was kinda trippy would have sufficed

    im pretty stoned lmao
  3. I think there's better shit to be doing then reading an internet ramble when stoned but two things:

    A) I'm honored that you wasted this precious time with me :D
    (seriously... instead of thinkin of dollars per gram think dollars per minute :D)

    B) I have upmost respect for you actually being able to force your mind thru that post when high... I couldn't... :D

    two thumbs up for you!
  4. i think yer right but wastin no time aint done yet
  5. man, dude... thats a fuckin ace story.

    and what a great way to toast the bong.
    i usually just think about that person as i spark up... unless its like an important one. there have been few times that i thought it important enough to do as you did and call it out loud for all to know. Once for the late Peter McWilliams. Twice For GanjaCat. at least once for Colin Davies. once for Rene Boje. at least once for Biz Ivol.

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