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What glass / smoking accessories are you waiting on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DD19, May 14, 2010.

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    Don't worry this will be the first place I go to post pictures/milks. It's only a matter of sucks knowing that my tube is finished and just sitting pretty in the glass shop. lol

    EDIT: DD You're getting the shorty jumbo showerhead tube? Sweet! It looks like it will be awesome.. I really wanted my waffle tube to be short, around the same height as the order you just put in, so I asked to put that splashgaurd in..Excited to have a couch piece that will rip! lol
  2. I am currently in talks with dwb for a custom king boo slide!!!
  3. I have a piece being made by Dwb too but I'm gonna wait til I see it before getting myself hyped up. I'm disturbingly nervous about how it's gonna come out. Got my fingers crossed.

  4. Haha I'm hyped up because my piece is finished already. :( DWB will kill it I'm sure.
  5. I'm waiting on a Devol custom oil rig, hopefully here w/i two weeks. standup bub/dish/curve

    and i'm waiting on 2 slinger/JAG slides, hopefully they both fit on my tubes otherwise i'm gonna have to sell one. they're super sweet tho, ones a 14mm sherlock holmes lil guy, and the other is a 18mm beat "tini" disk/saucer shaped thing...looked insane, just supper wide. would be good on a non fixed stem i think, but we'll see if it fits or whatsup, i just keep waiting tho should be here soon.
  6. Waiting on my WS 1 1/2 ft slim jim ICE 2.0 with WS precooler, gunna' hook the precooler up with a diffused downstem and an ice pinch gauze less bowl. Pretty excited.
  7. waiting on a mini zong
  8. Waitin on a Dome/nail setup from a friendly forum member whos helpin me get into oil.

    Ill post pics as soon as it gets here :D

  9. I hope he does kill it Dude you were just as hyped early last month and I've been excited for you the whole time. Nothing wrong with that but it can sometimes lead to major let downs so I'm trying to keep my excitement down til I see it.
  10. Im waitin on a Magic Glass 6.7" Diffused carbon adapter for my WeedStar Big Mama, and a mini glass bong for my pops. Ordered it November 29th, still waiting on January 11th.
  11. mflb im so fucking excited about it
  12. Waiting on a glasstafarian reinforced and gridded showerhead bubbler with a section worked with rainbow+black+white.
    Also waiting on a GMD gridded inline bubbler with upward slits, inspired by the SG mini stemline, bundled with a GMD disc diffused slide and a custom vaporizer adapter.
  13. Waiting on a custom gridded inline from cascadiaglassworks. Should be here before the end of the week...
  14. waiting on some bull
  15. Well I just got my order, placed on 11/29. And they screwed up. Ordered a diffused downstem and paid the extra $8, and they gave me a straight through downstem.
  16. Waiting for a 14" 5x45mm US Tubes beaker with a 7mm thick beaker portion. So stoked to get this tube.:hello:
  17. Waiting on my new SALT slide. Should be here tomorrow or Saturday!
    (low quality picture . . . I'll take some good ones once I get it)

  18. im waiting on active carbon, cleaner and a WS bowl, my piece is getting dirty so it better come soon. its from EDIT, its been a week so hopefully it comes soon
  19. etsy oregonglassblower ice pinch slide, downstem, and vape adapter

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