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What glass / smoking accessories are you waiting on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DD19, May 14, 2010.

  1. ZOB halo... Next week ftw! I also wanna get the GMD waffle bubbler, what would u rate it vato, out of 10.

  2. was that from etsy? if so i almost bought it. but went with the mflb instead.

  3. havent received yet its being made, from the pix and vids i would say 10
  4. waiting on a 3" mendo mulcher that comes in either this week or monday. hopefully today or tomrrow :smoking:
  5. Waiting on my Wicked Sands Large 10 arm beaker to get here from ALT. Cant wait, my first legit perc'd tube.:bongin:
  6. I've got a 3 arm tree perc a/c and a few seamines that should be here today!
  7. Just ordered my Da Buddha Vaporizer. So excited for it to come in! :3
  8. My biggest glass purchase ever was tonight! Can't wait for it to arrive! 60mm to 32mm worked SG Stemline/8 arm!

    I know your all waiting on something! Let's here it!
  9. I am waiting on something from Weirdeer and something from SG..
  10. waiting for Aqualab to finally get some more damn bent neck natty splash SGs. Either that or a stemline to 8 arm i saw advertised for 500. SGs are seriously flying off the shelves at ALT pretty much the day they are posted.
  11. I need ALT to get in some new ashcatchers!! Or my LHS or any glass shop for that matter!
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    Hey Scythe1, join Boro Market. You may have better luck aquiring one...
  13. ^^ And this is very true, probably at a better price too.

    Pretty sure I know what tube you got DD19, I was looking at it earlier tonight, hahaha.. Nice pick up.
  14. Doesn't BM require a subscription fee though?
  15. One-time lifetime subscription..

    And it's only like 10 bucks if you want to only be able to buy
  16. I'm waiting on a pillar tube, 7.5in(ish) Showerhead Pillar A/C Bubbler in 50mm tubing, 16in Waffle to Wagon Wheel Straight tube with a 65mm to 44mm bore reduction(65mm for the percs and 44mm for the mouthpiece tube) and worked splashgaurd, and another sick A/C bubbler that I can't really talk about but needless to say it's on par with the rest of the pieces.. I'm also getting multiple bowls, carbon adaptor, travel nug jug, nug jar, hot hit wands, vapor dome, hash bowl, ash tray,etc.. There might be more I don't know about. Everything is matching the color scheme on my pillar tube...Been waiting forrr 2 Months and 11 Days now. Color prep/work for the A/C is being done tonight...

    I'm also waiting on a custom 8in 4(maybe 5) arm gridded tree perc downstem from GMD.

    Damn I guess I'm waiting on a lot.
  17. Just a couple days ago i ordered a Molino Premium tube - 7mm :yay:

    Its in the "pre shipping" stages now and I cant wait to get it and make a good use of its ice notches! Its my first high end bong so im really exited to use it. :hello:
  18. your not gonna hold out on us twin? I hope we get to see everything,because that sounds sick
  19. Ya you only have to pay once so it's worth it. The one I got is just in the closed listings now :D So pumped for it. Will update with pics and vids when I get it of course.

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