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What glass / smoking accessories are you waiting on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DD19, May 14, 2010.

  1. Lmao, I was looking at those ACs on alt and the one on boromarket, made an offer on the boromarket one, had a nap and when I woke up alt was already cleared out. So I bought the one on boromarket, no biggie though I really like the teal label to tell you the truth, I also like the rasta/black one you have. A green one would be nice and would match my SG label but whatever!
  2. Yea when I saw them my eyes lit up and I paid for it as fast as possible. Im almost positive that alt only got in 1 of each label style. As soon as I paid for mine the rasta label ones changed to sold out.
  3. Ya I don't think they stock up on much, everything I've seen seems to only have a quantity of one.
  4. lol alt is a bunch of goobers
    i want a clear 2.0 waffle tube but nothing is poppin up
    moar glass please! haha
  5. tomorrow my SG King Stemline should be here. excited
  6. Thats fucking awesome
  7. Waiting on a magic flight launch box from vape world :)
  8. Where can I find a Lowrider online? Ive looked everywhere and i cant find them
  9. A 2010 Lowrider? There was one on BORO and they often have them on ALT...

    I'm waiting on a new downstem for one of my a/cs and a leisure 6arm downstem for my new SYN 32mm 12" bong.
  10. ive checked alt everyday for a couple of weeks and nada. yeah its between the 2010bc lowrider or the syn full size shower head!
  11. ill be ordering a roor big sista and diffuser tomorrow from EDIT probably. Cant wait to pick up my first bong :)
  12. Waiting on
    - 14 > 14mm oil dome with 2 large nails and 1 quartz nail
    - 20" SG Classic 8 arm with horned 8 arm perc, alex k downstem, lostyn diffy and slide
    - 5" 18mm rev. oiler

    Can't wait to get this stuff and make/ smoke some oil!
  13. Waiting on a Black Leaf Nautilus, carbon filter and a couple ice pinch slides.
    I am excited for my cheap inline hehe.
  14. GMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10in stemless waffle!!!!! with 2 clear bowls a mini snapper ice pinch and a medium disk diffused bowl with horn handles!!!
  15. Been wanting to get my hands on a Stone Glassworks Inline, just love the feel and pull of the bong.
  16. my buddha heater cover, it sucks not vaping, i like vaping so much more than smoking. itll have been 14 days since the ship date on tuesday. i think it got lost in the mail. like no headshops ever stock the covers. im thinking about heading down to colorado springs to pick one up if if doesnt get here this week.
  17. My roor rasta 500. I want it sooo badly. And since im getting paid this week I'll be ordering my incredibowl m420 as well.
  18. 4" color changing mini bubbler, $30 + $5 shipping




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  19. a worked 9 arm itza bub with matching ice pinch slide:D
  20. I'm waiting on a long wizard pipe =D it's gonna be epic, i cant wait to get it, it's 15" long =D

    i have no idea how long its going to take to get here cuz apparently they have to make it first lol

    its so unique =D

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