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What glass / smoking accessories are you waiting on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DD19, May 14, 2010.

  1. Nice pickup! Damn! I'm waiting on a SSFG A/C, 18mm carbon filter and worked DD slide!

    Also going to pick up a new bong this week possibly! Maybe a ROOR but most definitely a straight tube to replace my GEAR. Will have much less drag with a/c! :hello:
  2. I'm waiting on both the Incredibowl M420 and the I420 I cant wait till they get here man. I'm going pee my pants when i see the delivery man hand me my package, and then im a say "hey lets smoke a bowl or two or three".:D
  3. Waiting on a glass VaporGenie and a big stack of screens.

  4. waiting on an SG King Stemline. Stackage!
    [ame=]YouTube - Sovereignty King Stemline[/ame]
  5. dope as fuck 619.
  6. placing an order on a worked jake wilson inline bubbler
  7. Looks amazing, can't wait to see some more milk vids of it, especially with a/cs.
  8. I'm waiting on a minitube from LEAR! Here's a shot of it still hot from the torch :hello:
    [​IMG] the anticipation is killing me but hopefully ill have it in a few weeks!
  9. My ghetto bitch turned up today!
  10. Everything is in the mai! Funny thing is though the new black k clips from alt will be here first. Also picked up a IP bowl for my Hoss, they should both be here soon. GC order also is out and on this side of the pond! Some good material for the test drive as well.
  11. Waiting on a GC order, some keck clips, a ZOB ash catcher (that should come today) and an Alex K showerhead diffuser.

    The wait is torture....
  12. im waiting on a king chaos, supposed to ship days ago but the seller is being sketchy, also have another king chaos, ak dome and dish coming from another seller who is lagging. lastly i have a set of bubble bags that got shipped today
  13. Waiting on a SYN Beaker 50mm Bong, Box of Beeline, and a torchlighter.
  14. I was originally trying to get the luke wilson 10 arms bubbler, but the site sold out and now I'm contemplating between headford bubbler or the new jake wilson inline. Both are on ALT. I was wondering if anyone have a similar piece and would like to give me some feedback? I really can't make up my mind haha.
  15. Still waiting on my SSFG order, should be here tomorrow hopefully. Also just ordered a toro circ a/c off boromarket.
  16. I'm waiting for my Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer in the mail, it shipped on the 9th and it's still not here. Tracking says it's in Canada customs and has been for 6 days.

    I was thinking it would take a week or two but i guess I'll just have to be patient.

    Heres a pick of what they look like.

  17. im waiting on my replacement HiSi 7mm u-perc.
  18. Wow 6 days? Longest my stuff has ever been held up is 4 days. Damn.
  19. Im waiting on this Toro a/c. I was lucky enough to get one of these on alt today before they sold out. Should have it on wednesday, Im very excited.


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