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What glass / smoking accessories are you waiting on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DD19, May 14, 2010.

  1. I'm waiting for a tracking code still for my incredibowl mini its been awhile :(
  2. kneck clip galore!!!!!!!!!
  3. i'm waiting on a swiss perc by nate dizzle
    a pakoh slide
    lear custom oil rig
    dry hefe
  4. I'm waiting on a large 420 incredibowl.
  5. Ordered a triple bubbler from superpiece last Wednesday night, still waiting :(
  6. Weedstar Ghetto Bitch, Weedstar Little bitch, Weedstar Slimjim, some carb stoppers, and about to get glassmandoll to make a worked stem, bowl and stoker set.
  7. SSV, GlassMansDoll inline A/C, and a custom Inline Tube.
  8. Waiting on this Ben Wilson bubbler :)

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  9. Some pics of what my mailman will be delivering, hopefully sooner than later.



  10. Sovereignty - Peyote Pillar Perk

    PHX - Honeycomb Diffuser Slide - 18 mm

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  11. Awesome as, can't wait to see the glassmandoll inline!

    Also to the latest pic post, that thing is epic!
  12. Waiting on a WS Big Mama 2.0 Ice, WS Double Bubble Precooler, and WS Precooler bowl... ordered July 15th, waiting for it to ship. Broke my WS Inline a couple weeks ago, cant WAIT for a new piece!
  13. Inline isn't anything special, no work except a implosion disc on front.
  14. Triple bubbler from superpiece, they just put up an update on their site last night saying any current orders are backed up and you might not see your order for 6 weeks. I've waited 2 weeks already, this sucks :|
  15. SYN 12" Yellow and Black label. 5mm beaker bottom w/ 6 slit diffused down stem and ice pinches, single chamber. SO STOAKED! first GonG bong will be a DD
  16. That really blows man. Ordering from the UK to be shipped over here is always a PITA. I ordered a WS Inline from another site, took almost 2 months to ship, and that was with priority shipping! I never got a delay notice or anything. My tracking number for UK Royal Mail was never in any system, so I couldnt track it. Then one day it pops up in the mail when Im not home, so I have to go pick it up at the post office, which took about 4 hours (gotta love them govt employees...) When I FINALLY had the package in my hand, there was a triangular hole cut in the box, I guess so customs could inspect the inside or something. To make a long story short...dont order pieces online from overseas if you want them in a timely manner; my GC order, placed on 7/15 with most expensive shipping, hasnt even given me a tracking number yet.

    I think I can speak for all in this thread when I say GET THE LEAD OUT POSTAL WORKERS!!!!
  17. I placed mine this Monday and it has shipped with tracking already. Have you asked the shop about it?
  18. I am waiting on a 2010bc beaker bottom with a top hat perc and splash guard worked and i am also waiting for a sovereignty stemline to gridded 8 arm worked can not wait for both of them
  19. I'm waiting on an Itza 8-13, should be here by Friday!!

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