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What glass / smoking accessories are you waiting on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DD19, May 14, 2010.

  1. no, still pre-shipping :eek:
  2. thats no good, you should probably email GC
  3. getting my bubbler on saturday.... hopefully
  4. Yea man I have lol, there was a mixup with my address but it didn't get fixed and I'm awaiting their reply sooo...:smoking:
  5. i have 50 hits of LSD coming my way in the mail soon, and i guess that counts as a smoking accessory is certain situations

  6. lol never heard of that coming in the mail. but thats pretty sweet haha. yeah i just got a incredibowl mini coming hopefully its here by like monday at the latest.
  7. i want an incridibowl mini

    the incredibowl looks sweet but its just wayyyy over priced so i want me a mini
    how much does that bad boy run?
  8. cost me 75 shipped. i also live in chicago so it would be the same for you.
  9. put in an order today on ALT for:
    black k-clip
    18mm GonG Cleaning plug

    i already got my lil Slide from Hermit98 on ETSY and i love it.:D
    here are some pics for ya

  10. yeah i dont like the glass cleaning plugs i get the like 2$ or less ones on edit. there like rubber but they work well. and i was thinking about getting a ice pinch slide but decided not to.
  11. I got an 18.8 yellow/orange HMK ti curve coming in the mail. Also picking up a 18.8 SSFG chubbler in person in a few days. I'm pretty excited. Gonna make a fresh batch of BHO from some chronic once the titanium pad comes in. Gonna be on another planet. Zoom zoom.
  12. i want some lsd in the mail! i'm currently waiting on an alex k showerhead diffy and an incredibowl mini. :yay:
  13. about to order a Magic Flight Launch Box :D
  14. Lotus L2200 lighter

    14 & 18mm Roor wood Slide Holders

    Toro 7/13

    possibly another new slide
  15. I'm waiting on a SSFG showerhead diffy and inline a/c for my new Everest, and a Weedstar double bubbler 2.0
  16. Waiting on Weed Star's Tornado Superhelix bong from GC. It'll be my first piece. Wehn it gets here, I'm going to pack the shit out of that bowl, put ice cold water in it, and add ice to make for a very smooth first hit.

    I can't wait! :D
  17. The big reserved Glassmandoll package that just dissapaeared from their shop. ;)
  18. Bubbler got here, but still waiting on the SSFG package.

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