What glass / smoking accessories are you waiting on?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DD19, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey! I'm a bit bored and I'm wondering what do you people have coming in the mail for you? All we need to know is what and where from, thanks!

    I'm waiting on: screens, cleaning rod (nylon), herb iron and a Hefe bowl with marble from ALT.

    Also: A worked (removable) showerhead a/c, with the shield and diffuser worked. Worked diffy for bong (showerhead), Worked disk diffused bowl, cleaning plug, angle adapter, all from SSFG.

    and finally: A slide holder with glass inserts (holds five slides) from Coughins420!

    Thanks for reading and let's hear yours!

    Smoke on! :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. i got a incredibowl mini coming.
  3. I'm currently about to order a new bong! Specifically a 1000ml Ehle with diffuser from grasscity. It sure will pack a punch :)
  4. yeah i wanted one of those but i couldnt afford it at the time and ended up picking up a EHLE 250ml. and i got a diffuser for it. its a great tube, but ive heard great things about the 1000
  5. i had a friend who bought "THE EHLEMINATOR" 2000ml ehle. That thing hits you like no other. I wanted something smalled than that so I went with the 1000. Do you think the diffuser adds a difference?
  6. yeah the diffuser will def help you out.
  7. alright man. Did you buy a different slide?
  8. i thought about it. but i didnt. i did buy a guage for the EHLE slide though. one of those long weedstar ones, i find it works well.
  9. alright man thanks a lot. We kind of took over this thread
  10. no big deal. if you got any other questions and dont feel like taking up a thread just feel free to PM me.
  11. im not really waiting as i bought a new piece at my local head shop last night. Its about 2 and a half feet long tube with 2 4 tree percs and a diffused downstem...biggest glass i have ever owned and hits so smooth.....especially with some ice...got ice pinches too! after a bowl upgrade and a few other things it was 200 flat
  12. Nice everyone! and Nate, if you've already got it let's see pics!
  13. Was waiting for this piece for about a week and a half and it just came on tuesday :D


    It was done by Ghettobillyglass from e.t.s.y
  14. I'm waiting on a way less snazzy version of the ghettybilly bub that the_shrub posted, should be here next week. Also waiting on my roommates to stop being bums so we can throw down on an ssfg tube with showerhead stem and ice pinch slide - someday.
  15. sg gridcap to 8, it shipped yesterday, supposed to take 5 days to get here...
  16. I am waiting on my Zob halo ash catcher, my gf is also putting in an order for an ehle diffuser since I couldnt find a 18.8 showerhead(besides off of aqualab) and a bee line hemp wick.
  17. Maan I've been waiting since April 22nd on an order from gc...
    • golden dragon ice bong
    • molino hurricane spoon
    • kingsized clear papers (fat ass box)
    • juicy jays
    This wait has been a significant thorn in my side but I'm sure it will be well worth it.

  18. has it even been shipped yet?

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