What Glass Brand Has A Lion On It?

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  1. So i was saving for a scientific bubbler on etsy for a month or so and when I finally got enough money, the post was taking off and I can no longer find the bubbler of my dreams.  I remember they had a website but I don't remember what it was and I cannot find it in my history.  The logo had a lion that was on all fours and it had some rasta coloring on it.  Anyone have any idea what brand it was?  I have exhausted the internet looking for it.  

  2. MGW's logo is a lion, doesn't sound like what you described though..
  3. China with a nice logo or a local artist

    Colorado love!

  4. Yeah coming from etsy just sounds like China. The only people I know of that use cat logos are MGW and 2013BC.
  5. Sounds like a milli I've seen before

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