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What gives you the best high in your opinion and what is the trippiest?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BeachStoner69, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. what are the different highs and how do you get to each one? what can you smoke to get really trippy?
  2. Weed doesn't make you trippy, Mr. BeachStoner69.

  3. Disagreed. Life itself is trippy.
  4. Weed can make you a little trippy, but it won't take you on a trip. You can take it on a trip though... wait, what am I talkin about?
  5. Cheese and any cheese derivatives usually have intense psychological highs.. imo. And I always get the most out there when I smoke alone.
  6. You can smoke salvia to get really trippy, just don't do it too much it can fuck with you're head. (Especially the big extracts like 30x to 180x)
  7. Not eating for like 6 hours and smoking a gram. Gets me fucken high. As fuck.
  8. There's 180x? I thought it only went up to 60x.

    And probably best not to talk of that here.
  9. if you really wanna trip, eat some shrooms or try to find dmt. do not waste time with salvia. it's not that cool and will not give you what i believe you are looking for.
  10. I never really felt trippy effects from marijuana until I had tried other things.

    But now if I smoke enough sativa, and it is really REALLY high quality medical, I can have a more "trippy" high. I mean it is nothing near a "trip," but it definitely is enough to set me off balance. You just have to have the right situation, there is no formula.
  11. Plenty of sativa and some meditation for CEV.
  12. One does not simply trip on weed picture in 5 4 3 2 1
  13. like are u refering to the mild hallucinogen part? good vaporizer, good sativa, and low tolerance usualy wor for me to actually see things. after the first smoke off of a tolerance break tho i dont get them until my next T break
  14. i don't think this guy wants to see visions or hear colors. i think he just meant he wants a super strong sativa like high.
  15. Im not sure but the first plant i grew from a random seed my friend gave me, had me absolutly spoiled!! That strain, what ever it was was crazy trippy. Most of you may not believe me, but i once had a monster come out of my closet while i was high on that stuff, was seriously scared for my life at the time.

    Turned out to be my sister looking for stuff in the closet but that just goes to show how trippy that stuff was. I miss it : (

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