what getting BUSTED for growing really looks like

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  1. yeah, that would have solved everything, the cops had pistols too.. im sure getting into a shoot out with them would have solved all my problems.

    having a gun and a growhouse? im sure that i wouldnt be sitting in my living room typing to you right now, thats for sure.

  2. i remember reading that story, im sure the cops were tipped off in another fashion.

    you cant just smell plants in a neighborhood like that. its not like there was a visable trail for them to follow like in the cartoons.
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    They don't want a shoot out any more than you do. My bet is they saw you as a theif little stoner fuck boy (not trying to insult you) and they treated you as that.

    If an officer of the law enters your home illegally in the state of Florida you have the right to shoot to kill.

    The point is that if you hold yourself as one not be fucked with more than likely they wont.

    Your a United States citizen, It's best if you act as one.

    I'm not saying you should have pointed a gun in there faces when you opened the door (even though you have that right) but if the two cops with guns new they were dealing with a man with a gun also they are way more likely to walk the line and do shit by the book because they don't want to get shoot up any more than you do.

    ^^^ That is the main point.

    They have guns, so should you.
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    With a gun in his hand or within reach they would have seen him as a "armed little stoner fuck boy" and would have treated him as such, he would have ended up just as he suggested in one of his posts, "not sitting at his computer right now". Illegal activity and guns are not a good mix. Your second statement doesn't deserve a reply. Your third statement, do you actually think the police won't fuck with you because you hold yourself as someone who shouldn't be?....Good Lord. Your last statement, you need to think about. Finally let me say, reading what you've written here along with some posts you've made in other threads, with your attitude someday we'll be reading a news story about you, and it won't be good.

  5. i bet you if it went down the way you suggest it would have been about 13 minutes before the entire SWAT team was throwing flashgrenades through my windows and dragging me outta there in a body bag.

    at the end of the day i'm satisfied with the result. i'm gonna do my 350 remaining days of probation like a catholic school boy and guess what i live to grow another day. plus im not even itching to smoke.. well maybe a little when im around others who are.. but guess what? im not short sighted im gonna throw one hell of a ganja party next september and be so twisted i cant see straight.

    in a few months i also plan to begin accumulating the equipment i need for an even better setup than the one i had before. 1000w hps, icbox cooling system with co2 and an under current setup from cch20.

    im actually considering taking my show on the road.. florida's growing laws are a little too strict. massachusettes has completely decriminalized.. even growing up to 50lbs or 50 plants is a MISDEMANOR.. sounds like the shit to me
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    and thieves

    go figure

  7. lol, but none of them are valid. its ok though, we just have different opinions.



  8. The scenario in his story is that he commited one crime which resulted in conviction of another.

    This really has nothing to do with the fact that his plant were found because if he did not steal from his employer he wouldn't be in this predicament. Explain to me how my points are not valid. I have no sympathy for a man that steals from another man even if his boss was a dick. Theft is, in my opinion, the lowest thing you can do to another man. If he didn't like his boss and job then he should have quit. You cant justify this shit. HE DESERVED IT. So I guess I am a dickhead but at least my not a no good untrustworthy thief. NO SYMPATHY AT ALL. Opinions are like assholes.
  9. Hold on a sec...

    You said that they had no warrant and that in court you couldn't prove it. Why couldn't you just ask to see the warrant in court? Or ask to look up the details of when the warrant was issued? That way the court could see that you were arrested before the warrant to enter your house was given.

    And that guy who said someone he knew got arrested while the police were on their way to a domestic assault. Hmmm not very good cops if their main concern is stopping someone for smoking weed in their own home over someone being assaulted.
  10. he let them into his house. once the police are
    "let in" they dont need a warrant.

  11. Yeeeea...because that's usually the cop's next move

    "Hey guys, they didn't answer the door"..."Bring the battering ram around, there's no other viable option, we gotta knock down this fuckers house".


  12. Oh he let them in? ...well then its his own fault.
  13. Time to watch
    Never Get Busted Vol 2. Never Get Raided - Berry Cooper
  14. Thank you for sharing your story.
  15. Yeah seriously. One time this summer, I left my bike parked outside the schooll on my block. Well, these genius summer-school students "accidentally" locked their cable lock around their BMX bike to my mountain bike....

    I was pissed and late for work, I tried to cut the cable lock for 5 minutes before catching the bus, So I left a note saying "Learn to use a bike-lock properly pendejo!"

    When I got back from work, they had stolen my bike seat..... so a few days later I saw their two BMX bikes locked their, and I stole both their bike seats!!!!!!!! :hello:

    HAHA, I wish I could have seen the look on their faces, either way you get what you deserve and to the OP I am truly sorry this happened to you..... but my story should tell you, people like me will try and fuck you for stealing my 20-50 dollar bike seat, so your bossman who has much more power got the coppers to fuck you...same story, more money/more pigs
  16. Best thing to do. Play it cool for a year, maybe move to a new apartment once your done and start off fresh.
  17. Where can you find that? I'd take the time to watch that...

  18. if by let them in you mean, i opened the door, they snatched the door knob away from my hand by yanking the door open all the way, busted in, pushed me onto the couch, put me in handcuffs and yelled sit down and shut up... then yes, i let them in.

  19. Then you should have made them produce the warrant in court which would have shown that they never had one at the time of your arrest = case thrown out of court.
  20. I think he's making pretty obvious it was his word against theirs, and they win.

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