what getting BUSTED for growing really looks like

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  1. this is a point that i want to address which confuses many people. dont you guys understand, when a cop has you 1on1 or 2on1, the way they say shit goes in the report is the way it happened.

    how do you know i would have won the case based on this? if a cop comes to your door and you say fuck off im not letting you in, dont you realize they can barge in and right in the report that you invited them in, sat them down and offered them weed brownies and heroin for dessert.

    if they were really dirty instead of just trying to do their job by any means neccesary they could have tossed some dirty guns and said those were mine too and i'd be doing 15 years.

    so it really doesnt pay to piss them off.. unless you have evidence otherwise.. if the whole incident had been recorded.. then yes i would have gotten off.. because i did say repeatedly, if you dont have a warrant please leave.. they told me to sit down and shut up.. this is the system we are a part of.. there isnt much you can do to beat it, so just gotta try to play it smart.

    i do recommend to anyone growing, who thinks that something like this could possibly happen to them at some point to invest in a home surveillance system. make sure the video records to a remote site, b/c otherwise they'll just sieze your DVR. that way when the cop says " he let us in" as they did in my case you'll be able to call bullshit on them and yes.. then your charge will be thrown out.. but until then you are their bitch.

  2. yeah i've said more than enough on that topic.. there was not enough evidence to convict me on that charge, therfore i do not wish to dangle details out there.

    i am admitting i was an idiot, but i am telling you guys about this stuff after the fact. its a lot easier for me to say hey this is where i messed up and yeah i was stupid after the fact.. i'm being honest with everyone here for your own benefit and so you can all learn from my mistake and not end up like me... im sure everyone has done something stupid they wish to take back, i don't need to get flamed for it.
  3. :hello:
    i love how the first response got it exactly right.
    now hes right you shouldnt be a complete dumbass when your growing. and also you prob shouldnt steal from others as it gives you horrible karma you did this to your self and im sorry you got popped tho

  4. and thats exactly where i was coming from...what you did to have the cops show up at your door has nothing to do with the lesson your trying to help other people learn... Thank you, it has helped me already.

    And this should be a sticky. We should have a place to post up if shit ever goes down so everyone can learn what to do and how to protect themselves.

    Atleast you have contributed substantially to the security of others grow rooms. It was not in vain.
    mad rep bro ++++
  5. i think everyone should look at this and realize hey im not invinciable and if im gonna grow weed at my house i should prob stay under the radar completely. im sorry you got bagged sounds like you had an ill set up 9 oz hits crazy

  6. this is a foolish respone.. so according to you, only people who have bad karma got busted or ever will get busted..

    im not trying to prove anything with this post, just let people know about my experience with the legal system in regards to something most of us on here are doing illegally so they can take from it what they will.
  7. i added this to the original post, as i forgot about it when i was telling the story.. but it's a major point for those thinking that search warrants matter b/c this totally negates the need for one

    once they force themselves in, which wasnt hard to do, it was 2 cops vs. me and i was stoned and feeling good, they proceeded to ask me where my weed was, on the report they said upon opening the door marijuana was in plain view. the truth is they searched all through my drawers and cupboards until they found what they were looking for and tossed it on top of the counter.
  8. Crazy story man! Thanks for sharing.
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    100 percent right on the money. Good cop bad cop. Does not matter. Never piss one off. 99 percent of the time the rules are bent to their favor. If they wanna do something their gonna do it

    i know lots of cops and have been on both sides of the law. I prefer the side that does not involve jail or felonies. I would rather die than go to jail. Not a statement to be taken lightly. For those of you who have had the kool-aid might know what I'm talking about

    I liked your story because you actually seemed to take something away from your experience. Good or bad you learned something and came away with a fairly positive result. It was expensive and nerve racking and time consuming but sitting in a holding cell and thinking that life as you know it is over and six months later realizing you have a second chance is maybe the greatest feeling ever.

    Thank you for sharing and don't ever be embarassed about sharing it.

  10. ohhh man, that kool aid is the worst and the bologna sandwiches are sooo bad too. lol, yeah i was pretty mind fucked after the holding cell experience. yeah, i thought life as i knew it was over for sure.. and here i am a 6 months later posting about it on grasscity. what's really sad is what happens to people without an attorney.. there is a reason that the majority of people in jail are poor. if you dont have a fighting chance the system tosses you away. it makes me a little angry thinking about some of the shit ive seen over the past few months. while i was waiting in court for my case, i saw some ridiculous things go down.. multi year sentences handed out left and right like it was bacon.

  11. I completely disagree. The reason the cops came to the door has all the relevancy in the world to be in question. had he not done what he did this would not have happend. Cops don't just go door to door looking for grow ops. What he stole has relevancy too. Then the question comes into play as to whether it was worth it or not. Like the difference between stealing a 30,000$ platinum watch or a 10$ Timex.

    So yes it is important because i would like to know if your situation is necessary to put a moral to it or should I just call you a complete idiot and not take your so called advise. I am not a thief so I do not think I'll have this problem and I really prefer to not associate myself with thieves.

    Also, I had no idea it was a touchy subject.

  12. Im sorry, but this is fucking stupid. Your just a fucking DICK HEAD!!

  13. Take it how you want but I'm just pointing out the obvious. All of my points are valid. Ill smoke a bowl and forget about your dick head comment.:smoke:
  14. Anyhow... STATE PRISON fuckin sucks BALLS!

    ...and in addition to the advice that without good witnesses, what the cop puts in the report ARE THE FACTS (not to be confused with what really happened), I would say that it is NEVER a good idea to argue with or in any way be anything but cooperative and pleasant, if not silent. Speak to them like a normal adult speaks to someone with authority over them, because, at this point, you are completely at his mercy. It just depends on what the cop is capable of. I want to be sure to add that most cops are a different breed that choose to do a tough job under some of the worst circumstances. Maybe that's why so many of them abuse their power or become criminals with a badge themselves.
  15. Stealing was your problem dude. Don't invite ther popo. Deny till you die. Do not tell anyone and do not bring yourself into question. I want to subscribe to magazines that pertaine to growing hydroponically. I won't because it will bring a spot light on my activities.

    Think about it. Stay urder the radar.
  16. What I actually learned from this thread was

    1. Don't let cops into your house
    2. ESPECIALLY if you just finished smoking
    3. EVEN MORE ESPECIALLY if you're growing the ganja
    4. HOLY FUCK they didn't even have a warrant.

    thanks sir, but those were kind of already known :p

  17. you're confusion is to think that cops are sitting around waiting to be let in.. they will enter if they want to one way or another.

    shit, i was renting the apartment, atleast by me opening the door i didnt have to wait around until they came back with a battering ram. gawd only knows how much that damage would have cost me to get fixed.. on top of everything else.

  18. you're are misinterpreting the point of this thread. i am not clueless and asking GC why my gro op was busted.

    the point of the thread is to INFORM those who do get busted or are curious about it as to what type of outcome they can expect to get when involved in the criminal justice system.

    tons of people here grow illegally and they really have no clue what actually happens when or if they get popped.

    thanks for your input, but you are focusing on the wrong part of this thread... people can get busted for a variety of reasons wether it was for a reason they brought upon them self such as what i did or if it simply happens by accident..

    i met someone in jail who had a small stash at his place and was doing nothing to attract attention and when the cops came to a neighbors house for a domestic assault call they passed his place, and smelled he was burning some bud. he was just chillin in his own living room and didnt have the door locked, they didnt have a warrant or anything and just walked right up to the door opened it up and were like hello there little buddy!

    trust me, there are plenty of people who get busted and were being very careful and still get caught for a fluke reason
  19. A pistol on your hip might have keep them from trying to enter.

    I don't open the door to strangers with out my gun in plain sight and in arms reach.

  20. Hey guys! I think anyone growing or considering growing would benefit by watching alot of episodes of the first 48 it's on A&E and documents the activities of homicide detectives in real time.

    So far I have read 2 stories where a grower opened up his house to the police. They're rationing for doing so was the fact that the cops were at their door and they were not going away. Even when a person is shot dead and laying there in plain view the cops get a search warrant - it takes several hours. The OP in this thread did not expect the cops to come to his place and unfor his actions at work brought them there :C. Too bad... Thanks for sharing your story - I also agree with the simpler post of the 1 2 3 4 things we can learn from this thread.

    My overall point is if you are growing you cannot put yourself in a situation that allows the cops to enter your house. In the case of another "busted" story here on GC the grower had his window open and the strong odor brought the police pounding at his door for 30mins before he let them in. Don't you agree he would have been better off to not answer the door - leave the cops sitting out there, and grind up his plants?

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