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What gets you more high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Painter3, May 15, 2010.

  1. If you smoke the same exact amount (by volume) of weed in two different delivery methods, one being more efficient than the other, then logically you should be getting higher with the more efficient method.

    However, I personally believe the reality is more psychological than anything and it just depends on what you enjoy more.

  2. aahaha. you know what the worst thing is? getting completely stoned and forgetting we had this conversation already.
  3. Im not talking about the quality and health effects. The subject matter is "how high"

    I have a DBV vape which I consider to be pretty decent but bongs fuck me up just as much. If you look close I put > which is Greater than or equal to.
  4. The point that was being made is that a vape will get you as high as a bong with far less weed, thus the > is not accurate.

    A quality vape can get you blasted on half the weed or less as any bong. That doesn't make bongs bad, just less efficient.
  5. You win just on that alone, hah. Sober as a judge and out of the herb.

    I'm talking about "how high" too. THC is water soluble. Not very water soluble, but still water soluble, so you lose thc in the water filtration. And I noticed that you put the "or equal to" and that's the exact reason why I said about you comparing them as potential equals
  6. Pipe/bongs over Joints And blunts. But I smoke blunts 90% of the time. Its more from habit and not wanting to buy/keep a bong or a nice piece. Every thing I get, gets broken or stolen one day or another.

    Oh and its personal prefrence aswell. I like smoking blunt because I like smoking. I smoke cigarettes although I hate it, I do enjoy the whole smoking part of it. Smoking a pipe is alot different from smoking a blunt or a joint. not in a good or bad way, just a totally different way of smoking.

  7. and im smoking the last of my stuff out of my spoon.

  8. I agree, but efficiency aside, a massive bong rip vs. a massive vape hit = about the same high. Cant say that about pipes or joints.
  9. If you smoke enough bowls and/or joints you can :smoking:

    I have that luxury. Not that I don't love vaping or bongs either. I'm all about variety :D
  10. Yeah, once in a while its nice to just smoke. I prefer a vape though.

    Speaking of vapes.. I tend to plateau fairly quickly on vapes vs. if I smoked. Does that happen to you?
  11. Eh I get more stoned far faster if that's what you mean so I guess so.

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