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What gets you more high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Painter3, May 15, 2010.

  1. That's a puzzling fact. Why is it then that tobacco(mixed with herb) always seems to give me (and the people i smoke with) an instant and powerful head rush? I assume that it can't be just the nicotine buzz because it feels nothing like that. I have noticed that it produces a shorter high.
  2. blunt/joint

  3. how less crude? its rolled up in paper, lit then inhaled instead of packed in a bowl, lit then inhaled. its not like its being heated to a certain degree without burning the plant matter or being filtered through different sets of water and chambers.

    i lean more to it being psychological. for some reason i get a lot higher smoking out of a chillum than i do out of a spoon.

    weird huh?
  4. The nicotine is what does that. It has a different, synergistic effect when you mix it with cannabinoids.

  5. i'm pretty sure it is just the nicotine buzz + lack of oxygen

  6. sounds like the rest of my hawaiian family.

    educated but completely crazy and stoned.
  7. I resemble that description. At least, that's what the voices tell me. I need to finish this bowl of Hash Plant :smoking:

  8. i need to make dinner :smoking:
  9. No doubt i'll be destroyed if I take 4 bong hits of some good stuff. But I don't like using bong because i'm just not comfortable for me. I like blunts cause i can relax and talk to friends instead of having to refil the bowl and take the largest hit ever. Also I like the smell of smoke from a blunt. I have yet to vape and smoke a joint so I'll leave those out of the comparison.
  10. Whatever form of smoking you enjoy is cool with me. I just know what I like and don't like :)
  11. It's more crude in the fact that it's rolled up in the paper and smoked. Not only are you inhaling burnt plant matter, but burning paper too, which is (often) treated chemically, plus all that resin that's being scraped and scrubbed out of glass pieces is being burned and smoked in the joint - which is more unhealthy.

    That combined with the fact that there is time in between hits, however little, that the plant is burning away without reaching any lungs with which to spread its joy.

    Those are the reasons why joints are a more crude delivery method than a glass pipe.

    It's not a big deal and I don't hate on people who smoke joints. I smoke joints when they're rolled, hell. I'm just saying that smoking weed in a rolled up piece of paper is more crude than smoking it out of a glass piece.
  12. Let's, for the sake of a decent argument, assume that the papers are 100% cellulose. Would this method still be "crude" and therefore less effective? In addition, these papers purportedly burn slower which would mean less passive smoke.
  13. Some passive smoke < No passive smoke.

    Especially in a "smoking alone" situation. Unless you're constantly puffing on the joint when you're by yourself, there is a lot more passive smoke than you think there is.

    All just personal preference in the end, though.
  14. Vape > Bong > Pipe > Joint
  15. Isn't there always some? That is unless you cash every bowl on the first hit...
    I do understand what you're getting at and I totally agree.
  16. Only if you mean that a really shitty vape is as good as a very very nice bong.

    Inhaling only thc vapor is always > combusted plant matter.

  17. i see where your coming from and have no retort.

    one way is unhealthier for you than the other and more crude.

  18. ok, well one is more efficient but does that really equal getting you higher?
  19. Whenever I smoke out of my spoon, I have next to no passive smoke. I always pack it just firm enough to get good hits while mostly preventing bowls that stay lit. I like to keep it just loose enough that it puts itself out without air intake. Even then, I always cap and tamp my bowls slightly after each hit to make sure it's out.

    It's almost all I smoke out of so I get a lot of experience with its behaviors haha. Glass pieces have their own quirks, ive found.

  20. aint that the truth.

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