What gets you lifted?

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  1. For me it's my bong,

    Just a standard 1.5ft acrylic with a nice glass bowl.

    I fill the chamber with ice and cold water and enjoy myself.

    What gets you lifted?

    Best buds for life.
  2. Right now, my nephew.  The little shit is trying to talk Navajo with my uncle and it's hilarious.  He says lots-of-hay instead of ya'at'eeh and hug-a-doughnut instead of hagoonee.   My uncle is trying to teach him the word for billy goat.  It's a tongue twister and if you say it wrong it can be bad.  You can accidentally say words like goat balls or goat shit. 
  3. ^^ He speaks truth.
  4. Ladders usually. 
  5. opening a video game for the first time, or poppin a can of tennis balls.
  6. Weed and my family when all is good.
  7. Sampson

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  8. beat me damn you
  9. Music definitely, I just got done vaping a bit and this track got me feeling lifted without a doubt :laughing:
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    For me, weights, at the gym. 
    jk, i dont work out lololol
  11. lately, its been playing pool for money.

    its quite a rush playing for fat stacks of cash.

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