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    Hey boys 'n girls, today we talkin bout vaginas. Yep, vaginas. Well...lets not be specific here, we can talk about every part of the female body or hell even the psyche if some girls wanna give us some insight.

    What is the point of this thread?:

    Orgasms. Getting her off. Turnin on the slip 'n slide.

    SO, how do you get/get your lady off? What works for you? Tip's n tricks, where you rub your hands, where you kiss their body. What seems to give YOU the most positive feedback.

    I'll start off, I find the back of the neck along with inner thighs to be pretty good spots to play with when the opportunity arrives. It seems to really get them ready to go, and at that point...well....im goinnnn downnnnnnnnnn:p. And that just about does it....obvious G-spot and clit stimuli, but what else? Im still fairly new with the whole sex "game" and well, I feel like im basically doin the same shit when in and out of her body. What else works?

    (fyi, assplays probably not gonna help me much, but i mean...if it works for you share it i guess..)

    tl;dr - Sex. Female Orgasm/arousal. What seems to work for you when (Guys) givin/ (Ladies) gettin some?
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    Doggystyle gets her off every time, can't go wrong with a classic :cool:
  3. hair pulling. holding me down. throwing me on the bead/against a wall kissing neck collarbone and tummy, rubbing like where my hip is and kissing there. kissing ears, behind ears. these are all things my boyfriend does that i love
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    I love to be kissed gently on my neck, especially on my collar bone. Being kissed there while being grinded against (with or without clothes on) will send me into an instant orgasm.

    Vagina play: slowly rubbing the pussy hole without penetration...rawr
  5. ...for real? I feel like maybe you've never had a true orgasm...that seems far too easy.

  6. Believe me, I've had a real orgasm. I can't orgasm from just penetration so my husband does other things and it works. It's not hard to orgasm if the guy knows what he's doing and you're digging it physically/emotionally.
  7. some people get off easier then others. my boyfriend drives me pretty crazy even with all our cloths on. he can look at me a certain way and id be horny lol but nah i would get off. im sort of jealous i wish i did that easily lol
  8. With my ex, all I had to do was lightly stroke her lower back and she'd start dripping. Pounding was all it took to get that O face from her. Nice to have a chick that's easy to please.
  9. ahh the emotional investment...that explains why i didnt even consider it possible:rolleyes:. have yet to experience that aspect of two ppl hooking up...too many hoes man...too many fuckin hoes...

    where are all the cool gc toker girls walkin around? Oh ya, they make up .0000000000002% of the population
  10. were a rare but wonderful species indeed lol
  11. The only way I've been able to O is through some quality time with my vibrator (sans penetration), a few bong rips, and the "Rough Sex" category on PornHub.
    I ain't complaining, but it would be cool to reach one au naturale.
    I'm jealous of all the bladies on here with guys that can get them off no problem. Lucky bitches. :devious:
  12. Going down on her until my jaw aches!
  13. Really just half of me getting off is knowing my boyfriend is getting off. I like pleasing him so just taking care of him is half my orgasm. But the other half is a bit trickier. hah. I like to ride him, and I like dirty talk. And I also like being dominated. I'm not a very shy/submissive girl in day to day life, so being overpowered is refreshing from time to time... :wave:
  14. ok gc, really....there is not NEARLY as many replys in this shit as there needs to be. YOU GUYS EVER SEEN AMERICAN PIE? REMEMBER THE BOOK? YA, THAT ONE.

    well...this is the e-version of that shit. get to writing.
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    ur too busy worrying about your dick suckin skills. the guys gettin no play time! send him in coach! :p (yes, i remember that thread u kinky little bitch.)

    i honestly think this is why bjs never do it for me....all i see is a girl blowin my shit, awkwardly, and not looking like she is actually ENJOYING it....thats not a turn on (well...i mean ya it is... but u know..) i like to know im makin her feel good too ;)

    or like i said earlier, i have yet to find a lady thats a master of her craft.
  16. Depending on the girl..well I love rough stuff. Thought I'd add some more. I love getting spanked really hard. I've also had my boyfriend incorporate whip type toys haha. I enjoy it sometimes. I also like when he bites my nipples a little and pinches them. When he goes down on me and flicks his tongue fast on my clit while fingering my pussy and my ass. I won't lie I fucking love that, but mainly because he's doing it I wouldn't let someone else do it haha I always cum from that.like not just orgasm I'm talking about cumming so hard my eyes tear up and I scream lol
  17. verbal degration, dirty talk, being hit, being forced to suck his dick, hair pulling, rough sex, spanking, being stripped, being pushed against walls, hate sex, threesomes and so forth

    oh and stoned sex is the shiz
  18. Wow. Interesting stuff we got here ladies.
  19. Thanks for the tips!
  20. Threesomes!!! Love it.
    Yeahhh I know but I get so much pleasure getting him off. I'm working on it...
    But I really like sucking dick... I sucked my thumb until I was like twelve.
    I suffer from oral fixation ;)

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