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what gets you higher

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by shutter, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. So out of all of the ways to smoke what actually gets more thc into your body
  2. This goes by effieciency;
    pipes/dry pieces
    Bong(water pipe)
    Vaporizer(doesnt burn the weed)
    Edibles(making cannabutter)
  3. uuhh nope, pipes > joints/blunts for effieciency. so to the OP, pipes are the best
  4. so thats from top is less bottom is more
  5. Wrong.
    Edibles and vapes are far more effective than a bowl
  6. Vapes and Bongs no question
  7. vapes and bongs
    vapes and bongs
    vapes and bongs
  8. thanks for the help
  9. :smoke::laughing:lol that guy thought it was backward
  10. Edibles can't really be compaired to inhalation methods as the effects differ in both duration and their nature. I agree with the rest except I would say that a one hitter or a properly smoked bowl is far more efficient in the long run than a bong. Bongs just get you baked fast because they cool the smoke; don't confuse that with efficiency.
  11. i think its:
  12. I edited that and put in edibles, at first i only went up to vapes. But his question was what is the best way to SMOKE, vaporizing isnt smoke either so maybe that shouldnt count?
  13. Vapes
  14. i consider vaporizing smokeing, your just inhaleing vapors instead of smoke. but yes bongs will get you higher per hit but they are not more efficient then pipes
  15. Eh I consider vaping to be in the same category as smoking because it's still an inhalation method. Let's not get too bogged down in semantics.
  16. Well i consider edibles another method of getting THC into your body, but technically vapor isnt smoke, so it still isnt a method to smoke. I'll end it there.

  17. We can agree to disagree I guess. Smoke IS a form of vapor, though I agree that vapor isn't smoke. Smoke DOES contain vapor though and both forms of using cannabis use the same mechanism (namely the aveoli in your lungs) to get the THC and other cannabinoids into your system.

  18. pipes ftw
  19. Yea I agree....before my bong was broken at a party I would need a full bowl pack of it to get a good high basically, now that I am using a spoon and a bowl pack about half the size of my bong bowl pack I get the same high. Of course maybe my tolerance is just lower, but I like the directness of the spoon and easy to carry :smoke:
  20. the way i see it....
    least to greatest
    1.glass spoon/dry piece
    havnt tried eddibles,nor vape so i cant tell you bout that!

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