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What games...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazengamer, May 21, 2010.

  1. I know this might sound dumb as hell but where are the smoking games???
    Like you know how we have beerpong and flip cup for alcohol but do we have any party games for weed??? Yo it was an epiphany so I thought I'd ask. Save the flames for an L.
  2. I got a game...its called ingest herb.

    I never got drinking games and smoking games...I always play "drink" at the bar and always win. I play "smoke" or "vape" multiple times daily and I always win...each and every time. I have yet to lose at either variation. Don't see the need for games to acquire a high or get shatfaced.
  3. ^^^ i play those games man, my favorite, is sit down, and blaze a blunt to my face.... never lost that shit ever

  4. I've played that game a bunch. I lost once though. It was my first joint I rolled, and it wouldn't stay lit. I lit that thing like 8 times until it finally caught fire and burned away haha
  5. drinking games i can understand, but a game for smoking weed would just kind of be pointless lol
  6. Yeah I was just wondering, but yeah it makes sense why there wouldnt be a smoking game because beer is wicked cheap to buy compared to weed.

    Another great game is puff puff pass, objective is simple puff puff and then pass. :D
  7. Try playing video games after smoking instead, much better.

  8. but in the end, you learned a lesson in j rolling which in turn, made the next one better so it balanced it out man.... you can ever lose unless.... well...uhhh....i mean i cant even think of a way to lose....hahahhahaha
  9. I think it's enough of a "game" for us stoners just trying to remember which way to pass the pipe. :p

  10. Oh you better believe I do and its fucking amazing lol
  11. slap eachother and if someone says ouch, they gota take a hit. keep playing till you cant feel anythign anymore.

  12. This must just be a guy thing, because if someone slapped me while I was taking a hit I'd be like "gtfo of my house." :p

  13. Nope not just a guy think, I'd do the same thing as you :laughing:
  14. haha, me and my friends have had that problem many times, as for games, i try 2 mess with the new smokers, one time i told a guy 2 light the bottom of a bowl like a crack pipe, rofl, was insanely funny 2 watch this guy light it like a crack pipe and suck away only 2 get no smoke, keep in mind we were all high at the time also, except him :smoke:
  15. #15 Kimvia, May 21, 2010
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    I remember seeing a game (card game or something?) called "Grass" at Spencer's a few years ago... I didn't buy it, (wasn't into pot at the time) so idk how to play.

    Game of Grass Card Game

    maybe it was this? Not sure it's just about bud or if your supposed to play while high.



    I've never played any of these, they look either too complicated or or kind of silly to me, but this answers your question better than other people did, lol.
  16. Yeah, here in T.O we do Marathons. What is it? When your joint is nearing the end of its life, each of you take small tokes very quickly, passing it around, without letting go of your breath, and see which round, or which number you can make it to.

    I made it to 5, I think. Shit fucks you up, you should try it.
  17. My friends and i have done Bong races....we set the challenge and race. For example i challenge my friend to a 4 bong race (we have LOTS of bongs:p) so we set up 8 bowls...and GO...first one to finish wins....but whoever loses still gets ripped SO EVERYONE wins :D
  18. haha that shit sounds fun
  19. i think its called ohio
    but it would be like 6 heads on one L take and you would take a hit and hold it in till it gets back too you :smoke:
  20. i got one my homey told mr bout called snaps

    two person game

    each person sets out (each with their own seoarate sac of tree) some snap sized bowls maybe 5 maybe 100 however much u want but u guys both set out the same amount

    then out of the same bong each person packs their snap and clears it

    after a while it may get difficult and if u dont clear it then u have to pack ur homey a snap

    ive never palyed it but it sounds fun. the reason is because all my homeys have better lung power than me and i would just end up packing people bowls lol\

    its the only one ive heard of so i thought id share it :)

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