What games should I buy?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Pass the dr0, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I'm gonna get 3-4 games these are my choices:

    Mass effect 2
    Maybe dead island

    Which games you guys think I should get? Skyrim I'm getting for sure, if there's any other games you guys think I should get please tell me! Oh and I've already got mw3
  2. skyrim
    Mass effect 2
    Battlefield 3

    that way you have 2 different singleplayer games and a good multiplayer game
  3. 1.Rage
    4.Dead island
  4. skyrim, the rest are up to you
  5. Skyrim
    Dead Island

    Rage really isn't worth it, and BF3 isn't anything new.
  6. By the way BF3 fucking failed when MW3 dropped. Get real get MW3.
  7. Skyrim

    I know they aren't on the list but I'd recommend MW3 and Fallout 3 (cheap/really fun) and New Vegas if you haven't already got them, Driver is cool to if you like cars.
  8. ME2

  9. I had new Vegas by I sold it because I got stuck and didn't play it much but might get it again, you know when the new fallout comes out?
  10. Rage really isn't worth it, and BF3 isn't anything new.[/QUOTE]

    Rage was the best game I've played all year but to each his own. I agree however BF3 isn't anything new.
  11. mass effect 2 is VERY different to mass effect, if you're expecting a true bioware-esqe game you may well be disappointing.

    From what I understand rage was just another typical id game - shit.

    From the list i'd suggest gow3 (providing you've played 1 and 2) and bf3.
    I'd consider dropping bf3 for something like alan wake or deus ex:human revolution if you haven't played them

  12. All the changes they made were good though i think. Some people dont like that they simplified the talents and reduced the amount of weapons, but thats good. there was too much in the first game and that made it just tedious.

    Rage was not good. very average game. probably the worst "big" release of the season.
  13. I would add oblivion to the list
  14. Guess I'm taking rage off my list lol
  15. Dead island BF 3 and skyrim
  16. skyrim
    gow 3

  17. yeah I never bought it but it sounded dissappointing, which dissappoints me because it sounded cool on paper as always

  18. Rage was garbage and I didn't find Dead Island to be that much better.

    get Skyrim and either BF3 or MW3
  19. Buy 4 copies of Skyrim
  20. So far I'm thinking skyrim, gow3, but I can't decide on another one... Maybe bf3 fuck decisions

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