What games have you and your friends invented?

Discussion in 'General' started by hailChickenWing, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. I'm sure there's lots more, but I can only think of four games my friends and I have invented.

    The first game is called 'Dean'. It involves two participants who stand a few metres apart (this can be extended for added effect) and assume a particular pose. The position is hunched over with your head forwards, facing your opponent. Your legs should be relatively wide apart and your arms limp and dangling (you can shuffle to let them wave around and disorientate your foe). The final requirement is that you shove your tongue behind your top lip, allowing the top half of your mouth to jut out, giving you a very primal look. Once all these requiremnts have been met, the two adversaries run towards each other whilst keeping the correct pose. Impact can now occur (It is not recommended to connect skulls).

    The second game is entitled 'The ChickenWing' assualt which takes on a similar theme to 'Dean,' again played with two people. In preparation, your thumb should be inserted into the oxter of your preffered arm, causing your limb to resemble that of a chicken. The opponents now square up and once ready commence the assault. The object of the game is to utilise your ChickenWing in a fashion which disables your foes ChickenWing (attempt to give each other a dead arm whilst defending your own). Whoever gives in to the pain first is the loser.

    I'm gonna have to post the other two later, I've gotta get ready for work!

    What about you?! Post your games!
  2. hehehehe ehhehe heheh h hohoohoho ho, what awesome descriptions :) one is dodging king.... cant think of the other
  3. our was better, a year or 2 ago we invented "bottle plank" the idea is for one person, to kich a bottle at a wall, if they hit it they get a point

    oh yeah and the other guy from the other team stands there with a plank of wood and tried to hit the bottle away.

    and yes it was hillarious, its hard to kick when ur laffing and shins did get VERY bruised by miss tagerted bottles
  4. Back in my highschool days, we used to play "kick the can" where we would get a can, crush it, like step on it or whatever so it was flat. Then we would kick it around and the rule was that whenever the can went through someones legs, that person had to run to this wall. While they were gettin to the wall, all the other people get to give the running person body shots, so the running persons gotta dodge the other people as he runs.

    Funny times, once this one guy that played with us started crying cuz this one guy hit him in the stomach. Insults and your momma jokes quickly followed. Now that I think back on it, oh man, what a stupid game. That was like the lunchtime game of choice, till hackey sack came along.
  5. Well me and me friends play Tat, which pretty much all you do is hit eachother, but you have to say Tat. And we also play Butt-tape. It's a two people game, one says butt, then the other says tape, but if the first person says tape then you say but and so on. it's really hard not to laugh, 'casue c'mon butt-tape is a pretty funny word when your reallly high :D!
  6. Cool games! Keep 'em comin'!

    Here's number 3:

    The third game is much more involved and requires large amounts of expensive equipment. It is entitled 'Dodging King' and to play you will require a minimum of five people (though literally any amount of people above this can play), a soft ball (personally I'm a fan of the half deflated football/soccer ball) and finally, a large rectangular trampoline. Firstly, the participants must take up the five main positions. There is one person at either side of the trampoline with three people on top of it. The participants on the trampoline form a hierarchy consisting of 'the Butler,' 'Goro: The Crown Prince of Avoidance,' and lastly, 'The Dodging King.' The Dodging King takes up the position in the middle with the others at either side. Any excess people form a queue at the Butler's side of the trampoline known as 'The Jester Race.' The object of the game for the people on either side of the trampoline to hit the bouncing occupants with the ball. This causes much comedy as people bounce around attempting to avoid being hit. If you successfully hit somebody, that person becomes one of the kickers, you join the end of the Jester race and everyone else moves up one space in the hierarchy. However, if you hit the Dodging King, you bypass the Jester race and immediately become the Butler. It is traditional for the Dodging King to exclaim "Dodging King!" in a mocking fashion when he successfully dodges a close flying ball.
  7. FICE

    Fice (pronounced "ice" with an F) can involve any number of participants. Each participant has an ice cube and the game begins when they simultaneously place their ice cubes on their faces. The winner is the one whose ice melts first. The fun is having an annoyingly wet neck and a numb face.
  8. hahaha me and my freinds invented the funniest game ever you sit in a triangle or square roll up a tee shirt really really tight and while your on ur knees ur throw the towel as fast as u can and try to hurt the other person as much as possible.


    A) Do not play with proffesional pitchers
    B) wet the towel for added effect
  9. In elementary school, most, if not all, of us played dodgeball.................. But in High School, how many of you played dodgefrisbee? If you do try it, I recommend 1 rule.............................. No face shots, a buddy lost a couple teeth on one! lol
  10. Me and my brother invented a stupid game after getting stoned. We called it "Follow the Monkey Kingdom", where we skip around the house singing:
    Follow the Monkey Kingdom! Follow the Monkey Stuff! Follow the Monkey Kingdom! Follow the Monkey Stuff!

    Heh... good fun... :)
  11. I completely forgot about this thread! I still have one more game to post too.

    The final game is called Fache (accent on the 'e', so pronounced 'fashae') It was named by going around five people in a circle, each one giving a letter. In contrast to the previous games, this one isn't physical. There are no winners or losers, just mental stimulation. One person suggests three different words which rhyme, then the other participants each decide on their favourite word out of the available three, then explain why. It is recommended to steer clear of nouns.

    An example:

    Beat, greet, meet

    Personally, I would go for meet. Although it's always nice to 'greet' somebody I know, I verily enjoy 'meeting' new people. 'Beat' in the company can be disregarded as far as I'm concerned.

    If all of the participants choose the same word, it is known as a 'fash brown.'
  12. My friend and I were about to invent a game...then the power came back on and we played Time Splitters all night long.
  13. fear and loathing: i played a similar game like that in elementary school. we'd get a crushed pop can and play tag with it. like kick it and if it hits someone (skims/skids don't count, like tiny knicks) then they're "it"
  14. me and my buddy did mexican ice hockey while high one day. an empty parking lot near his house was ALL ice, we just ran into each other. haha.
  15. Best game we ever invented? it has got to be Double Pandemonium.

    After a cyph we would be sitting in an imperfect circle in my friends garage. We took 2 basketballs and started playing dodgeball while seated(every man for themself), with both balls going all the time. You never get out, you just lose face if you don't catch it. A lot of shit talking and bruises....yea.
  16. me and my friends play smoke out
    for every smoker that talks shit
    get a cyph going with about 8 ppl and a half ounce of weed or any amount thats large to you (me and my friends bust thoes blunts down though)
    who ever is the last man standing gets bragging rites until the next time we all cyph
  17. you must have a big shovel
  18. yes i like my meat good and dead


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