What games do you currently have pre-ordered?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by BWilliams, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Right now I have:
    Madden 12
    NHL 12
    Gears of War 3

    All of them come out pretty much within one month of each other, I can't wait to have these games.

    What about all of you? What's the next game you're buying?
  2. I have Gears 3 and SWTOR preordered. But I plan on pre-ordering Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, GW2, Saints Row 3, Batman: Arkham City and possibly Rage and Deus Ex.

    Fuck Call of Duty MW3 when there is Battlefield 3.
  3. Yea, I've grown sick of Call of Duty. It's the same shooter all the time and I get sick of the maps. I might go with Battlefield this time around. I passed on Black Ops altogether.
  4. SWTOR for now.... as soon as possible GW2, BF3, Diablo3, Skyrim....
  5. CODMW3, GOW3, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3.
  6. Diablo 3.

    Only game ive ever preordered and will probably be the last.
  7. Just MW3 maybe i'll buy dead island
  8. None, i usually pre order them a week or two before.
    Gears 3, BF3, Skyrim.
    And ill buy dead island when it comes out :smoke:

  9. Lol and you dont know how long you're going to be waiting either, fuckin blizzard
  10. just BF3 right now

    I already paid for the entire game.

    I think it is better to pay before you actually pick up the game. that way you have no feeling of "wasting money" to possibly ruin the launch day.
  11. I thought of getting Fifa too. Only problem is I will already have 3 brand new games and I seem to always prefer to play NHL or Madden over a Fifa game. I'm still considering it though.
  12. Only games I've preordered were Borderlands and Dragon Age Origins.

  13. It's usually better to pre-order games if you plan on getting the game on release date. Gears 3 right now offers a $20 credit if you pre-order Gears at Amazon. They don't always keep the pre-order bonuses so it all depends on when you pre-ordered it for what bonus you get. If you just buy it when it comes out without pre-ordering than you usually pay $60 +tax with no extra $20 credit.

    Or the other alternative is to wait a few months to get it on sale for $40 or hope for a Buy 2, Get 1 free sale. If you buy some games used then you'll need to pay $5 for the code to play games online.

    So, that's why I always pre-order - getting a $20 gift card and get a game on release is awesome.

    I recently pre-ordered NHL 12 because I knew they'd remove the $20 credit they were giving with pre-orders, happened to me last year. Checked it today and now they're only offering $10. Closer to release it will be nothing.

    I love to save money. I can get Fifa on release for $40 if I want and still get back a $20 gift card.
  14. Swtor, i even made my own guild, we got about 20-30 people right now if anyone is interested. We are rolling sith, pvp!
  15. FIFA 12
    Battlefield 3
    Arkham City
    The Old Republic
  16. Maybe if I had the money to pre-order games.
  17. Amazon gives you $20 on most pre-orders. I buy one and then it's new games on release date anytime after that for $40 a game. It's fucking awesome.

    That's why I want to buy NHL now but not sure if I will.
  18. shit, i totally forgot about AC: Revelations.... went in yesterday to pick up Brotherhood because i had yet to play it, and i fucking love AC way too much... guys all like, you wanna throw 5 bucks down on Revelations? I was all "OOOHHHH SHIT!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!?!??!" so i threw down the money lol.... 11/15, cant wait..... i shall thoroughly beat brotherhood 2 times before then hahaha, just as i did to its predecessors before the next release
  19. Do you play on Live sirsog?

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