What game should I Play?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by TheUniverse, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Just :smoke:'d need some ideas... I want a flash game or xbox 360 game

  2. Just got Gotham city imposters for ps3 for it im sure it's on 360 also. Its surprisingly really good. Like really good
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    Half Life 2 is a pretty solid choice if you're looking for a shooter.

    I finally beat it today and went through Episode One as well. Downloading Ep 2 and I'm bursting with anticipation.

    Or you could buy the Halo Anniversary edition. Played that today and had a blast as well as nostalgia bombs left and right. :smoke:
  4. Yeah I played Half Life 2 when it came out on Xbox. It was fun. I'm not sure from that though I can understand the vast amounts of HL hype. Then again I haven't played any mods or the first one, so...

    I've been playing Bulletstorm recently. Not too bad
  5. Team Fortress 2. I play on pc as i sold my xbox a couple years back, but it is imo one of the best and most balanced shooters on the market right now, and i dont know about xbox, but on pc its free :D
  6. DayZ is great if you already have a party to join when you start. And be warned the game is very much still in alpha. When things go your way it is good though :)

  7. Not to sound rude, but he said flash or 360 games.

    Pretttyyyyyyyy sure DayZ is a PC game. :p But it's a damn good suggestion, just doesn't fit the categories he wanted is all. :)

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