What game do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by CaptainJoe, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Should I get the GTA the lost and damned, Left4Dead, or Call of Duty WaW? I only play after smoking, so what game is the most fun while blazed?
  2. I'm getting lost and damned, I got WaW at Xmas time at best buy on sale for 35 for 360, steal.--I don't think I'd pay 60 tho

    Never played left 4 dead
  3. Left 4 Dead is amazing.
    Especially if you have XBox live.

    Getting baked and destroying people as a zombie is some of the most fun I've had gaming in a while.

    I highly recommend it.
    Haven't played WAW. I plan on getting Lost & Damned soon, once I get paid.
  4. Left 4 dead if you like FPS+non stop action of killing zombies,witches,tanks and shit like that

    WaW if you liked cod4,fps,non stop war action

    GTA if u like free for roam games and doing w.e the hell u want on a motorcycle

    shit get all 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk but i would recommend l4d bc its mad fun
  5. Haven't played L4D yet

    W@W is OKAY. I'd much rather play COD4 but thats my opinion.

    GTA4 is amazing when you're ripped. Something about shooting cops makes me feel good inside :)
  6. I already have GTA4 and it only holds my attention for about 10 minutes then I just switch to a movie. I think I'll get L4D, once I beat the lost and damned singleplayer it will be boring and COD:WaW looks too competitive, I just like to chill and kill.

  7. Good choice! Chill and kill pretty much defines L4D.
  8. Left4Dead on Versus is definitely the most addictive online gaming I've come across on a console in a while.
    I have COD4 and World at War but I definitely play Left4Dead much more,
    it's just more laid back..and being a zombie is fun as shit (getting to pounce around a level with a Hunter especially)
  9. you should defintaly get the gta lost and damned...that makes gta4 so much better...more cars...more missions...more shit to do...nuff said
  10. when I am not high I hate playing games and they can only keep my attetion 10 min but when im high I will play it for like hours and a couple of my fav games are tennis and ballers need for speed pro street and gta 5 or whitch ever it is I have a xbox 360 tho but if this doesnt make any siece its because im bared the fuck out
  11. I have an obsession with Call of Duty 4 online after smoking...if I'm not smoking or surfing GC...I'm playing Call of Duty.
  12. CoD4 is the shit...ill play that high or not...hopefully i can get a few more games in before my free month expires:bolt:
  13. GTA4 is fun, either going on mindless rampages, or doing the missions. I really enjoy the missions, the game has a great story and memorable missions. The driving physics are THE BEST of any that I have played.

    Some other games I can recommend: The Orange Box. Includes Half life 2: ep 1+2, that trippy Portal game and Team Fortress 2. You seriously can't go wrong for $20 new.

    L4D is great, COD4 and WAW are good too. Skate 2 is a blast!

    You seriously can't go wrong with Xbox 360 games. If you buy one of the higher priced ones, it's going to keep you occupied for a good time.

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