What game are you addicted to right now?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by akkariacher, May 3, 2018.

  1. Right now i'm stuck on Halo Online Eldewrito Mod, reliving my childhood Halo 3 days. Tis a shame people can't download it anymore :frown:
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  2. Ye been playing on and off since a kid and when osrs came out, i was likeeee boiiiiiiiii oh shittt. But rn currently not playing cause don't have time, just waiting for #OSRSmobileOS to come out. PLSSS HURRRY UPPP JAGGEEXXX.
  3. While I didn’t try, it looks like there’s still various sites that have it. I’m sure that the main site was taken down because of the Microsoft issue but I’m also sure that there’s many little sites where it can be found.
  4. I got sucked I tot he hype of no mans sky, got it day 1, "completed" and binned day 2 lol. Was such a disappointment! I hear they've made it a lot better though..

    But for me fortnite, I am incapable of playing anything else. Tried h1z1 the other day, it's laughable. Some Ames shouldn't be allowed out while there in such a bad way.

    Hopefully elder scrolls will make a new one soon, Untill them just fortnite lol
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  5. Neverwinter for ps4 , wish i had silent hill though
  6. Nothing at the moment, I'm having a bit of a gaming lull nothing scratches the itch.
  7. Fifa 18 - 'garyfarmsocial' if anyone wants a game ;-)
  8. State of Decay 2 I must admit. I played the shit out of the original as a Xbox person so I was interested in how far it had come.

    I like it but damn it is buggy for me.

    Top of the list is any item that is highlighted, literally the first thing in any inventory dialog that is supposed to give you information about what IT is, will be blank until I select something else and then go back to the first item - maddening.

    The cars, I have gotten stuck and had to leave so many vehicles because they got fused with a pole and exploded or just were stuck forever on some rocks. Mind you I have also spent an inordinate amount of time "unsticking" cars with moderate success. You can repair a totaled car as well which I did not know for the first handful of them...

    Had to definitely look up tips that I would have never ever figured out on my own, like right trigger will put items in the trunk of a parked car into the base inventory, you don't have to run them each into your storage room, I knew they wouldn't have taken away an added feature from the first game and they didn't. I just didn't know hymow to do it at first.

    Also other crashing hugs were rampant for me first week of launch. Hope it gets better. I have a Trader, Sheriff, Warlord and Builder unlocked now. Or almost Warlord, just cleared last Plague Heart which is an interesting addition in this game.

    I tend to revisit these single player capable open world games, I have not teamed up with anyone yet in game as I have multiplayer off bc I need to pause.
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  9. Currently loving player unknown battlegrounds on pc. Sanhok is a great map
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  10. Dude I'm with you it has great potential but its basically what the first one should have been and I'm really disappointed.

    Although I have played a shit ton of the fist and second like I mean alot I was high up the world wide leaderboards lol.

    Have you even seen any zeds with a traffic cone on there head lol vrfh7d1wqty01.jpg

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  11. I have spotted two in there! I nod to the Dead Rising series no doubt! Unfortunately I turned off game capturing on my console due to PUBG crashing all the time. I need to check out those new maps! Are any live on Xbox I wonder, I tend to do better in PUBG on Xbox then on PC.
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  12. Same here but I don't really play it since it turns out I'm pretty good at fortnite so I jumped on that band wagon instead.

    Don't get me wrong I used to play it and enjoy it for a while.... but the lack of updates and content was just not good enough they killed and buried there own game.

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  13. I really like getting sick crossbow kills in Fortnight but I get wasted by 12 year olds so often it is mad embarrassing. Plus, I'm awkward enough not enjoying in game chat but I'm so used to it being absolutely necessary for me in PUBG so it's a, need more practice type situation, haha.
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    Building crazy shit in Space Engineers on PC. It's pretty deep the amount of stuff that can be done.
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  15. I tend to play a lot then stop for months and start up again. Right now I'm obsessing on GTA V. I don't even care if I get gold on the missions. The game is so fucking fun!!

    Oh and I have a Ps3. I need to upgrade.

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  16. STEEP on PC

    I got a big screen and a proper gaming rig, so this gem has been a very nice distraction.

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  17. I've been thinking about getting that game for awhile, is it as fun as the previews make it out to be?
  18. Holy shriet going to def check this out.
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  19. I had the amazing fortune of living in the Alps for a year when I was young.
    I didn't get to do anything amazing because I was little, but I learned how to ski, and I fell in love with the beauty of the Alps.

    When I saw that a game is coming out about the Alps (and other mountain ranges) around the world, I was instantly into the idea. Steep managed to deliver the experience pretty well for a video game.

    It's not amazingly technically challenging, but it delivers an enjoyable mountain experience. The simulated nature is pretty well done, and the sheer size of the game allows for always-new routes down the mountain.

    It is only one of it's game modes, and I'd call it the best Wingsuit simulator out right now, as mentioned in the previous gif

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