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What fun things to do while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StealthRider, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. I like to watch funny videos and movies while im high, but i'm getting sick of the tv. what other things could you do thats awesome when your high?
  2. Anything. From doing shit around the house, swimming, shopping.
    I normally have a toke before brushing up the leaves of the drive way etc . ;)
  3. Sex (or jerk off), concerts, music, cooking, snowboarding, shower, playing with pets. just about anything bruh
  4. Second the pets part.
    Dogs are the funniest shit ever when high, they make me geek the f out!:smoke:
  5. Damn straight. I was fucking around with a laser pointer one time while blazed and my dog tried to viciously attack the red dot.
  6. dude go swimming in a heated pool. it is the best thing ever i'd do it high over sex anyday
  7. Getting sick is fun.
  8. Pussy.
  9. Basically, anything you would normally consider fun if you weren't high.
  10. ^This.
    Weed doesn't just make boring stuff fun, it makes everything funnier!:)
  11. Easy man, sally would of sufficed.
    But agreed nothing like getting lit and putting back some beers.
  12. creative shit like draw or right. uh, going out for walks or out to get food is also always fun imo.
  13. movies: willy wonka and the chocolate factory, alice in wonderland, the holy mountain, pineapple express, escape frome new york, cheech and chong up in smoke, half baked, grandmas boy.

    video games: tetris, cod, halo, mario, sonic, donkey kong.

    1. Watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    2. Jump off things
    3. Go under water and open your eyes - Its 10x cooler when stoned
    4. Shoot a paintball or bb gun
    5. Watch History Channel about drugs
    6. Walk in the woods during fall or even better, during winter with snow
    7. Watch "The Matrix" its mind boggling when stoned
    8. Talk to your siblings
    9. Draw pictures
    10. Play video games

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