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What freaks you out???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by antney216, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. What freaks you out the most when you're stoned??? besides the flashing red and blue lights:eek:
    Well me once while driving home at like 12am I saw this beastly lookin possum in the street eyes glowing and what seemed to be a mouth full of blood don't know if it had been hit or killed some small animal the thing just looked F'n evil freaked me the hell out
  2. Every car looks like a cop car at night
  3. When I'm stoned, this scares the shit out of me.

    My back sliding glass door has no blinds on it, and when I'm in my kitchen at night doing whatever, it creeps me out looking at the sliding glass door because its pitch black out there, but I have the lights on in my kitchen. So whatever is out there could see me, but I can't see it :eek:
  4. Yeah, sometimes when I'm chillin' in the woods with people smoking, sometimes we'll hear a lot of dogs barking and a crash or something from over in the woods and of course, being stoned, we'll get really paranoid and be like "OMFG THE COPS ARE COMING!" and try to hide. Although, one time 2 people actually walked into the opening while we were smoking and we truly freaked out and I spilled bud I was rolling all over the ground =(
  5. When my parents get home early. I'm moving into an apartment soon though :D Broke atm :/
  6. rofll rofl its kinda true when youre high and paranoid.
  7. being in public...because every stranger's conversation i can hear, it sounds like they are talking about how high i am which could be true but i just cant believe it. i never know if im hearing things or it's all real...freaks me out.:eek:
  8. Yeah there was a buick behind me for like 5mins(it seem'd like 20) i swore it was the cops I just knew i was goin down that night turned out to be some old lady

  9. haha so true, if I get parranoid I always convince myself every car behind me or coming at me is the 5-O
  10. This one too, I think people around me know I'm high once in a while. In school I can usually hold my shit though.
    I know it's like for some reason you see the lights on top of every car and your heart starts racing and shit haha, it's messed up but it's still fun.

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