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Discussion in 'General' started by gravy, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. well i know this is an odd question.... but then again im an odd guy...sooooooo....

    when you log on to grass city and enter the forums....

    which forum do you do you visit first...?

    I always start at the box then work my way up...... :D
  2. I come straight to todays active threads.. I don't visit a particular forum!

    On an occasion I do if I'm looking for something thats not on the active list!

  3. i do that too sometimes... depends what kinda mood im in i guess...

  4. ^ What he said! ^
  5. i start from the top down, with whatever ones have yellow. i only read

    Rec. marijuana use
    seasoned tokers
    pic post
    real life stories
    pandoras box

  6. lol what critter said;)
  7. damn you all and your active thread lists.... haha...:D
  8. i do the same.

    back and forth between those three for a bit
    real life

    all are good. i like general the most usually. that or seasoned tokers.
  9. general, rec use, seasoned, box, humour this is all
  10. ok I may be blunt but...

    I actualy use the "almighty" search button to look for a "special newbi", or "new user" forum; the i take a quick diagonal read of the faq Then I surf the forums mainly first the active ones, and sometimes the other ones, which never actualy die (i always have something to say)
  11. I usually start at rec use, then seasoned tokers, then general, then the box, then I work my way up and get whatever I feel like that day like philosophy, or real life, or picture post, or growing stuff.

  12. HORRAY!! :hello:

    whoever said that stickys are useless!?

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