What festivals will you be at?

Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by girlonthecouch, May 17, 2010.

  1. Burning Man.
    A couple NLQP festivals since they are like an hour away.

    I was thinking about Neteva since I apperently was hanging out with someone who was handing out fliers last NLQP. Is it good?

    Definatly Burning Man is what I am saving up for, though. First timing it so I will probably just get onto their site and hitch a ride off some people, unless any GC'ers are coming through Pittsburgh and want to give me a ride. I have tons of gas monies. :D
  2. bonnaroo was pretty tight. late night with deadmau5 was sick and john fogerty was so awesome that i left before dave matthews came on.

    from here on out it's just smaller festivals for me. jerryfest and a bear's picnic. killer lineups!
  3. Gathering of the vibes, although i can't camp there because of other obligations so i'll just be there on Friday the 29th.
  4. I'M GOING TO SCHWAGSTOCK 45 NEXT WEEK!!!!! I am so excited to go. This will be my first ever festival and two of my friends who I haven't seen together in over a year are also going. A reunion AND weed? Yes (fucking!) please!!!!!
  5. Shambhala anyone?

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