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What festivals will you be at?

Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by girlonthecouch, May 17, 2010.

  1. Download Festival in the UK. Headliners: AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine, Aerosmith. 120,000 capacity, 5 stages, 5 days and about 150 bands.

    Should be sweet, been twice before.
  2. BON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    was at bonaroo last year...the best 3 days of my life without a doubt, cant wait till this year ITS ALMOST HERE
    i did not stop talking about it until like 2 days ago.... my friends who werent there are soo sick of hearing me talk about it
    there arent really any festivals near where i live...i'll be going to bayfest but a lot of the music isnt really my thing. it will be fun tho
  3. i havent even really looked at whats coming to Orlando this summer.

    im deff more than likely going to Nas & Damian Marley on June 13th...cause i somehow got a facebook invite lol
  4. Wakarusa is almost here. Im so stoked. The only thing I have tix for right now but surely will hit camp zoe and whatever else is clever. If ur coming to Waka come to chompdown saturday morning in RV reserved 9am for sum free breakfast n some good jams.
  5. Burning Man woo woo.
  6. waka waka waka :p

  7. whaaaat?! how does one acquire a gig like that?!
  8. Free Press Summer Fest in Houston.
  9. BONNAROO!!!!! like always
  10. allgood and grateful garcia gathering.
  11. Bout to leave for Sasquatch
  12. Shostylax i'm leaving for squatch in 4 hours. Meet up and roast a J with me!
  13. I'm going to Reggaefest next friday! Ditchin work early!
  14. cant wait for Nateva
  15. All good/ Blackwater/ and Bear Creek!

  16. :eek: ..wish I was doing these...cant go this year, but might try to make it to Bear Creek...looks like a great venue, have heard some good stories
  17. i like the xmas festival very much n wait for every year
  18. T in the Park
  19. What did everyone think of Bonnaroo this year?

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