What festivals will you be at?

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  1. The only one I know I'll for sure be attending is Pitchfork in Chicago, but I'm curious as to what the GC community is supporting this summer. So where are you all going to be blazing/tripping/ listening to music this summer?
  2. Rock The Bell's 2010.
  3. I will be at warped in NY but just cause its fun to go to festivals dont love the music there anymore.

    anybody know of any festivals in ny in the coming months summer ect that are just hip hop id love to go to something like that. or just any good hip hop concerts coming up ur going to in NY

  4. Rock The Bells is going to be in NY this year(Hip-Hop Festival).

  5. Rock The Bells Festival Series
    Rock The Bell's is an International festival my friend.
  6. Shambhala
  7. Bella Vida
    Soundset (one day hip hop thing)
    Project Earth
    All Good
    Grateful Garcia Gathering
    Burning Man

    Going to a bunch of Phish shows too. :) Can't Wait. 10 days and counting until festie season offically begins for me. :)
  8. Cypress Hill's SmokeOut 2010 this October will be the ish. It came back 2009 via help of cheech and chong and first to include medical marijuana expo. it was unforgettable experience getting the high roller vip, met tons of people from all over the states and magazine advertising peeps, seshed it out of so many bongs and hash.
  9. Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge WA.

  10. These all sound awesome! If i wasn't broke I'd be making some trips out West or down South for festivals.
  11. schwagstock is where its gonna be at. leaving michigan in less then 24 hours. sooooooo pumped!!!!!!!!!!

    shits on every other festival

    This is a must-attend for any music lovers in the west! Best festival I have ever been to, hands down.

  14. WOOT SASQUACH!!!! I'll be working stage crew there :hello::hello:
  15. so far just bonnaroo, jerryfest and most likely all good. there are a couple smaller festivals i will probably hit close to my home town. jammin for the animals and phanfest.

    if you guys are into jam music i'd suggest checking out a band from PA called Flux Capacitor. i caught them live at jerryfest last year and they really blew me away. original stuff that takes a few directions. their set is a journey:p
  16. Are you going to be camping there at the gorge?


  18. Yup, but we camp at a crew site near the stage. If you check out the VIP camping site, that used to be the old crew camp but they moved us up the hill some more.

    You campin out? are you on the call...?
  19. Camp Barefoot, Starscape Festival, Allgood Festival

  20. I'm going to be camping Friday - Monday. Camp with the crew near the stage, thats crazy! I was going to suggest we smoke a GC joint after the shows or something. Always down!

    Do you know what stage your working?

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