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What feels better to you, being drunk or high?

Discussion in 'General' started by swich, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Personally...i prefer being high over drinking any damn day of the week.....but drinking is doing the trick now that i dont have any bud......so wat do u prefer?
  2. I remember you said you were dry on an earlier thread, good to hear you got at least booze lol.

    I prefer drunk because it lasts longer and its funner for those around you...like being drunk with a bunch of drunk people (& girls) is the best. But high is good for whenever/alone/video game/relax
  3. High, for sure. ;)
  4. Very different "highs". I prefer smoking. The feeling of being drunk is gross to me. I think I just need to build up a tolerance to alcohol and I will enjoy it much much more.
  5. I'm gunna have to say both, at the same time.
  6. Being high hands down. its just soo much more relaxing. Plus, you get a hangover after drinking too much. No hangover for weed. It you smoke a shit load the previous night, no hangover. You might get like small headache.
  7. Being high is way better IMO.

    But when I'm around friends who can't blaze(damn military duties, lol) I enjoy having a few drinks. It's always a good time. Booze is also good for destroying my consciousness since I'm a lightweight and hardly drink.
  8. I think I'm happier when drunk but then things go downhill, but I FEEL better when high.
  9. This. Nothing like downing some brews or a bunch of drinks and smoking some bowls, I can still control myself better than drunk people, the only difference is when I'm high and not just drunk I notice how annoying some people get when they are drunk. I like a nice mix between the two. When I'm drunk and mostly every other man is we get really obnoxious and rowdy and the weed just makes me calm down and stop being such an ass at times. :smoking:
  10. smoking marijuana does not involve a hangover after. :)
    so, i pick being high. i dont even drink alcohol, well rarely.

    if there was a case of beer or eigth of weed in front of me, id take the weed.
  11. Definately feels better to be high
    i feel yucky and just ewimdrunk when im drunk lol
  12. Being drunk sucks; pissing, puking, passing out.

    I'll stick to weed thank you. :smoking:
  13. No contest being high. I can't seem to enjoy the drunk aspect anymore.
  14. yeah i agree with those who said it feels kinda gross to be drunk.....
    but now i have a problem............................................i know im not going to get any weed till at least tomorrow...and i finished all my beer....i have 10 bucks.(over here i can get like 6 grams of mids for 10 bucks). should i get more beer for tonight and be ok for the night.....or go through hell tonight and wait to get the weed???? also money is really hard to come by so i wont get more money for a few days
  15. Both feel pretty good but I hardly ever drink because I can still function with I'm super high, once I start drinking I can't get any work done lol. having a few drinks in you is a grea feeling too, but you can't beat mary jane.
  16. Honestly if you are contemplating spending 10 dollars on weed and you think it's a bad idea because thats all the money you have and you know you can't get anymore money then you probably shouldn't be smoking or drinking. Try to find some way to make a steady income or at least money in general.
  17. it used to be high,but as ive gotten older the preference steared more towards alcohol
  18. Alcohol is better because getting drunk is more fun, plus I don't get hangovers. Weed can make me feel paranoid, but alcohol makes me happy and it is way more relaxing.
  19. alcohol for parties, bud for everything else
  20. High...and drunk. At the same time.

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