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What fans and filter should i buy?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Fluorescence, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Have a room 7x4x6 and i may make it larger soon. What filter/fan should i buy? Noise and smell are a MAJOR threat to me and they have to be reduced as much as possible.

    I can get the CFM ratings but how much should i increase it for my larger room?
    I know i have to get an inline fan, but which is the best for low noise?
    I'll hook up a voltage controller to the fan.
    What other precautions can i take to lower the noise level by the fan/fan setup?
    Once i'm sure what type of fans i need, i can buy an appropriate filter.
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    HTG has always been higher priced with most of there high end equipment such as lights and fans, but there other products are great. Then again, all there products are top notch.

    The Duct Muffler is out of stock. I've never seen inside one of these until now, it looks like a tube with some padding in it for 200.

    I guess 8" ventilation is Superior to 6". I'll just set up everything, from the flanges and filters to 8' hookups. I think air cooled hoods are smaller though....Would i use a Duct Reducer for that?
  3. The filter and fan are CAN products which are top of the line.

    I'd go with the fan with higher CFM. But, the filter is nothing to cheap out on. CAN, Phresh, and Phat filters are the way to go.\t Also, you don't need speed controller, not worth the money. Everything else looks good
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    I dislike HTG supply as well. Depending on your location, I'm a big fan of:

    Grow Lights, Grow Bulbs and Hydroponics - Plantlighting Hydroponics & Grow Lights

    Both have rock bottom prices, and unless you're on the west coast, shipping will be reasonable. They're located in Ohio and I believe Massachusetts.

    Phresh filters are hands down my favorite. I've tried just about every filter on the market, they all work (with a few exceptions) and Phresh filters are so much lighter, it saves a lot on shipping costs.

    As for the fan, a 6" fan + filter should do your current room well and allow you to expand a little bit. You could go with an 8" to be safe if you want, but I think a 6 would suffice.

    Phresh also makes duct silencers, never used 'em because noise has never been an issue for me.
  5. Ya http supply shorted me equipment and I have been fighting with them for it. I use hpsgrowlightstore now they are great prices are good and product is good. Amazon also.
  6. That website is great. One of the best online as far as customer service and prices. Thanks!

    Do i hook up the fan to the exhaust where the filter is or the intake?
    Inside or outside of the room?

    How's this?
    If its not too loud, would this be enough for all of my ventilation?

    I'll buy a silencer if it gets too loud, do you think anyone would hear it from a closed room? I wanted to buy insulated ducting because some people say it gets rid of some noise. Do any of you think it makes a difference?
  7. Definitely as an exhaust. You can put the fan inside or outside the room, doesn't really matter. I usually keep all of my stuff in the room, but right now I got the filter/fan outside my tent.

    There's so many ways to run a ventilation system. You can have the filter in the room and suck through it. Or you can have it out of the room and blow out of it. That's what the ducting is for :)
  8. Yea but i'm afraid if i put my filter in the room it will not utilize the entire filter as if i pushed air through it. Plus it takes up enough space where the plants are suppose to go.

    If the fan ever has to stop ill put a pad of carbon in front of the intake hole. That way the smell doesn't back up into the vents and outside.

    I'm going to buy this now, Thanks!
  9. Ya man I have that same set up lol Get the fan and filter combo a lot better of a deal and put the fan directly on top of the filter so it has a high draw and then out or through your cool tube if you have one. Also the fan is quid enough that you can barely hear it outside of my cabinet and is 400 cfm. I use a speed controller I got from them and love it also all in preference. I will warn you though if it is a sealed room or cabinet like mine when you turn that fan on if will pull make sure it is secured lol
  10. Those green fans from hydrofarm are very loud, if you want quiet make sure to go with a max or can fan as opposed to centrifugal. Also the filters are rated for a certain cfm, dont buy a fan with a higher cfm than the filter or else it wont do its job properly.
  11. I have the same fan and its quiet. They sell a fan combo kit that is perfect. I am running it
  12. Well i have the 8 inch hydrofarm fan like that and its louder than fuck, lol, sounds like a musclecar idling in the next room. I am definitely either getting rid of it or hanging it so the vibration doesnt transfer right into the walls. Of course smaller is quieter, the 4 inch fans are damn near silent with a few feet of insulated ducting, but ive had up to 18" fans in places before and as you get to the bigger ones you definitely start getting some monsterously loud stuff unless you spend some bucks.
  13. Very true maybe it's cuz I have the 6 inch on a speed controller
  14. Yeah, even just the speed controller would make a difference for sure. You can also think of it as decibels per cfm, if that makes sense. If you look at fan specs across the board of brands there is a noticable jump in cfm rates ratio wise as you get to 8 inch fans, then there is a lull of cfm increase in that 10 inch fans dont have that much more, and again another bigger jump in flow as you move up to 12 inches. If you compare the hydrofarms the 6 is 400cfm, the 8 is 750cfm, so it makes sense that its a lot louder. But if noise is a concern, its cheaper to buy the propeller style fans even though they cost more opposed to a centrifugal and a duct silencer.
  15. I'm not sure about a 4" fan being "damn near silent," I'd still definitely go down and turn it off if my landlord ever came over or something. You could pretty easily drown it out with the TV or radio, but it's very noticeable, even through walls you can hear a steady humming.

    Granted, it sounds nothing like the 6" fan I run or the 8" fan I used to run. But those duct silencers go a long way.
  16. What kind of fan you need depends on what kind of lighting you will be using. A bunch a 1000w lights will generate a lot more heat and need a lot more ventilation than a couple 400s.
  17. So i should buy a speed controller, like i originally intended?

    I'm running a 600w light, A few other houses are connected to mine only separated by a wall. This is why sound is a major issue. At this point i'm guessing the duct silencer is a must. it's just that the money i'm putting into this is stacking up like crazy, for a small 7x4x6 room.
  18. Its an expensive hobby, we have. If the room is directly next to the wall dividing the residences, I'd get a duct silencer, they're not that pricey. If its not directly connected, don't think it would be an issue.

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