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What exotic strains are floating around Atlanta?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Cannible Ox, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Im curious about whats out there. Ive smoked lavander perp, real frosty kush. Red deisel, white widow, the church, and barneys lsd which I hear its a mix of 2 l.a. confedential mixed come around every 3 months.

    there is a jack herier floating aroung that smokes nice but looks nothing like any pictures.

    just love mixing it up. What do you have?
  2. Hmmm... Recently I've come across mango kush, headband, og kush, maui wowie, purple (of course), lemon skunk, and that just skims the surface.
  3. what are the prices for good stuff in the area?
  4. anywhere from 300 to 500 depending.

    the jack herier goes for 300 a zip.

    perps(lavander) is going for 425

    Ive seen some OG kush and sour desiel go for 475-500.

    Man I wish this state was friendly. Back in Frisco, CO. you can use craigslist to trade clones and buds.

    anyone else?
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    yo cannible you from atlanta???//////////
  6. i have a house in frisco! their fireworks were the SHIT! but i get all my bud in denver. is there a lot of good bud in frisco?
  7. Usually 20/g for the name stuff, some kids charge 25.

    I have yet to buy an eighth of super funk for less than 65.

    An O runs 350-450 depending on the guy in the suburbs.. :mad:

    Everyone knows someone that sells, most are just middlemen looking to make a buck..reach for the stars and you may score yourself a sweet connect
  8. have a place i go to in frisco. Off of main st. I love going snowboarding to the mountains that are close by. Its also where I have old friends from back home.(D.C.) (Learned alot :smoke:

    I settled down here about 5 years ago( 30 mins outside the city) and love atlanta.

    Im an avid smoker, even bigger gamer, and even better cook! They work well together!

    Man I wish I was back in school, so much easier to tip the boat.

    SO what other strains are floating around. Bartering is fun. ;)
  9. yea man they have some killer buds in frisco. They have two dispenseries open in thqat small town. On the other side of the lake I hear they have 3 places in function. All my buds have their cards and its a buffet. There are 4 grow ops that I know of that feed these two and I know thats not where their getting all there selections from, some comming from somewere else.
  10. im right off of second. i love frisco main st. its so fucking quaint haha. and theres that one dispensary by safeway up there. i dont know any others. i dont have a card cause i want to go into aerospace (gov't job) but i think my friend might get his soon. hes trying to figure out some shit before he does.
  11. right on! Yea once you get the card your on some govmnt list.

    420 for atl smokers! all the time!
  12. I live in the burbs outside Atlanta and am a middle man type dealer. I have a hook up that's expensive but the shit is legit.

    Usually 425 an O but it can get up to 450 or even 460.

    I have had in the past few months: Lemon Haze, Afghu, Perma-frost, Grandaddy Purp, Pineapple Kush, Jack-Frost(?), Master Kush, Silver Haze(that was awhile ago though), and a good amount more but can't think of them right now. will edit if i remember more.
  13. There was a pickup thread somewhere in the Stash Jar from a dude names Closet Smoker, I think he was in the ATL area and I remember seeing mad dank stains in it.

    Haha that pickup thread was the reason I joined GC :D
  14. that shit was legendary. i joined because of it too. i just had to tell him how awesome it was. and 400 an o? its like 300 for the dankest up here.
  15. green house seed co. The Church(skunk X super skunk X NL X and something else) and White Widow (Brazillian X something)

    Barneys farm seed co LSD(2 champ l.a. confidentials) and Red Deisel (cali indica and nyc desiel)

    Dr Cronic seed co Bubba Kush(bubbleberry and Kush) and Bubbleberry-heavy heavy

    also afghan Kush ryder soon(cant wait to see how the buds are, i hear is the dankest of the autoflowering)
  16. i need a new connect only thing i seen recently is gdp been tryin to find the goood shit but its lookin impossible ....n sucking
  17. i need to get out and mke my circle a little bigger.
  18. this also i solo dolo like 99.9% of the time :cool:
  19. HalfBakedOne, I noticed you live in Lawrenceville. Which part?
  20. Always burnin it down in Atl. Right now I'm smokin on some Trainwreck the buds look like elf shoes it cracks me up. Also have a nice stash of some hash that smells like skunk. And I've got a bit of some no name green house buds really dense. Happy smokes y'all.

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