What exactly would happen?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by God's Son, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. What exactly would happen if i used the poorest materials i could find to grow my plants? If i was to dig up dirt from my back yard and put it under an ordinary house light in my closet, would the plant even grow? If it did grow, would it be sickly? would it not have any THC, or very little?

    Free weed would be a dream come true, unfortunatly i'm only 15 and i have nowhere to grow it, and privacy is something i dont have. I was thinking of just using a cup for a pot, ordinary dirt for the..uh...dirt, and a regular old light for the lightsource. I'd place the pot high stop my closet and shut the door tight. I know it wouldnt turn out to be the best bud, but it'd still be bud, right?

    Free bad bud is better than no bud at all.
  2. go to the nearest garden near u and dig up some dirt.

    bad dirt is death to a plant.
  3. There is no garden near me. Its in the negatives outside so all dirt is frozen anyway. i thought i'd dig some up and let it defrost a little before planting the seeds.
  4. no...no...no...no...no.....you'd end up with zero...nothing....nil....it would grow to approx a couple of inches and then die, you wouldn't be able to flower it and you would have wasted your time to go out and freeze your ass off to dig the hard soil....go to the grow guide beneath my sig and read for the next 3 weeks then you may understand....good luck....Peace out...Sid
  5. The more i read the more depressed i get because i cant get any of the requirements needed for proper growing.

    I'm gonna wing it! two inches of marijuana is better than zero inches!
  6. don't....you won't have anything and you'll have wasted your time.....you only get high from the thc....and at that stage there is near enough zero percent thc!!...not even enough to get the slightest buzz.....Peace out...Sid
  7. You're bringing me down man :(

    okay, i'll read up on it...although i dont really see the point. I can't provide what my plants need, so why even bother reading up on it?
  8. well a lot can be achieved using some soil a pot a seed and some natural sunlight....ie from a window location....but safety becomes a player in this equation.....as for getting you down!....unless you got the funds, which are minimal, then you won't be able to maxamise your yield.....i mean jesus!, i thought you'd have seen this in the prophets??....Peace out...Sid
  9. Funds arent really a problem...i have a convenient store right next to me, so i can buy air frsheners if i need it. I don't think they sell pots, so i'll use a cup or something...

    ahhh, i'll figure it out. I'm cleaning out my closet right now to make the best home for my plants. The best home i can provide that is...which is the equivilant of the queensbridge projects.
  10. I'm afraid "Sid" is correct, you will get nothing. You need to invest, as with anything.....
    good luck
  11. a cup?.....sorry you'll need biger than a cup....lol...read the guide at your leisure and you'll learn more than you will by experimenting.....Peace out...Sid
  12. hey guys hope everyones cool and high,gods son i know how u feel, all these guys are really telling u the truth when i was ur age (im 17) i wanted to tri growing so i planted some in my yard and put them in my closet under a basic house hold light bulb 100 watts ,it stood about 3 inches but it didnt even survive a week so i took the remaining two and put them to recover in natural sunlight and i just left it there and let nature take care of it ,but i did water it,they grew and grew very nicely but not too bushy but i did end up with a nice harvest :)so dude i dont recommend u grow with out the right info,just plant them outside when the time is right and just leave them,my little smartass bro is growing his own tree with a portable hp 150 watt halogen floodlight and his plant is looking pretty nice and bushy to me lucky prik lol.....

    good luck men and if ya dont believe us which im sure u think u'll come up with a harvest like 40 ounces then go ahead and tri dude it wont hurt.......

    well umm it will if u get busted lol

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