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  1. vegging, what does it do, how long does it need to veg. for , why?

    what is the minimum time of the 24 hr light seedling stage to complete, what exactly is a seedling like what does it do?

    what is the minimum time frame for each stages?

    I seen some dude's bud's pic's he only got like less than a half and he was on 12/12 light cycle the whole time but he didn't answer the question to how long he was growing for, damn he should have so I could know the real minimum time..

    I guess I just want a (minimum) time frame I guess for all 3 on some mid. seeds.
  2. You can veg for as long as you want. If you're looking for a minimum time frame, you might want to use the search button to look at journals that used 12/12 from the start. you should look up lsting as well for maximum results. from what I can put together, it naturally takes about 4 weeks for the plant to be mature enough under 12/12 lighting which from there it will go into flowering. flowering can take anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks. there's then the drying process which can take about a week and then curing which can be continued for as long as wanted.
  3. I'm no pro but I'll do my best here. Vegging is mainly to gain size and nodes that will later become bud sites. Time depends on several factors, but most importantly growth rates and how much your looking to harvest. Sea of green as opposed to a few giant plants. Personally I flower at about a foot tall and plants end up at 3-4 at the end of flower. I also pinch tops several times to create more colas. Seedling stage is roughly 2 weeks to a month I believe. Thats why cloning saves you about a month in grow time. Sorry I can't be more help.
  4. both of you we're really helpful so out of that info. I got 2 weeks 24/0 2-3 weeks of 18/6 and the rest us up to how much or how big I want it that's possible with the strain and conditions. so literally I could be looking at 8 weeks minimum if I wanna push it.


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