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what exactly is resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. what is resin? how do you collect it? how do you smoke it? (ie: i smoke from a glass bowl)
  2. It's the tar-ey stuff that collects in your bowl and throughout your pipes. There's still THC in there so most people scrape it or soak it out using isopropyl.

    Edit: Woops, you smoke it by rolling it into a ball and sticking it in your bowl
  3. smoke enough bowls till whatever your smoking outta gets "dirty" thats resin. burned up plant matter, and other things..butane for instance. you scrape it off into a sticky ball, and smoke it like any other bowl, just like pamela andersons vag, gets the job done, but somewhat dissapointing
  4. I recommend NOT smoking resin, as that gooey shit is basically 'tar' and has no business being smoked, unless you want to be a crackhead and scrape your pipe 'for one more buzz'.

    Sounds a lot like an addict's behavior.

    There really is no good excuse to smoke resin.

  5. Well the main reason is to not waste the 2-3 grams worth of THC left in your smoking devices after smoking a couple O's.
  6. right. 2 or 3 grams of thc. uhuh. not even in the 2 ounces BEFORE you smoked it.

  7. "2-3 grams WORTH of THC"
  8. yeah no way 2-3 g's. ive keefed 2 o's before and have gotten close to 2 gs. either way it gets burned up when its activated by heat, but yes i bet there is SOME but not worth it. id rather stay sober and have that next bowl be "the best bowl so far" haha

    ive had so many of those, including this one
  9. If that's how you justify smoking tar, then you have a problem my friend.
  10. don't smoke it, it'll fuck up your lungs ten times worse then regular pot will, its nothing but tar and THC. instead your best bet is to just sell it all and use the money made to buy pot.

    p.s. resin sells VERY well
  11. Ehh, resin can be used when you have nothing left to smoke and your hitting a dry period. Hell, I'll take resin before I hit stems.

  12. maybe to a retard? most people around my area know whats up.
  13. Lol, so if you're out of resin and stems, do you smoke seeds?

    Lol crackhead.
  14. I want to meet the people that would pay for resin. I don't.
  15. There is no THC in seeds, so no.

  16. Sigh, here we fucking go again.
  17. Oh yeah?

  18. Let's strap him down and make him smoke resin...
  19. [quote name='Sir Willpower']Let's strap him down and make him smoke resin...[/quotim
    Im down. it will be fun
  20. Are you kidding? I'd out run your weezy asses because your lungs are coated in sticky ass tar/resin.

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