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What exactly happened..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StevieD92, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Hi there,
    Each time I have smoked, I've also had a bit to drink which I think may be something to do with this.
    I haven't got regularly into pot yet, but the other weekend me and some friends thought it would be good to get stoned. Most of them have smoked it quite a bit before, but not regularly for a few months. Anyway, onto the dilemma...
    We each finished a spliff, and later on lit up a bong. I took a couple of rips and felt pretty dizzy, and all my energy was drained. It took me a lot of effort to keep my eyes open and my head up, so eventually I went and lay down. I didn't once feel ill or nauseous though, only like all my energy had been sapped. I didn't sleep, just lay down and listened for a while. Besides the lack of energy, I felt pretty good, but wasn't really up for interacting with anyone or anything. I just felt very very tired when I was up and about. What happened there?
    Sorry for the long post, any input would be good :D cheers!
  2. Beer then grass, you're on your ass.
    Grass then beer, you're in the clear.
  3. Haha yeah heard of that rule, have never stuck to it though, the weed always appears later on in the evening, after everyone's had one too many beverages already...I'm guessing it's just a combo of alcohol and lack of tolerance?
  4. it is also possible you just smoked to much. if you don't have much of a tolerance, which you shouldn't than the spliff should have been enough for awhile. adding some bong rips probably put you from nice and relaxed into extreme couch lock.
  5. Def man. Too much booze and then Bong Rips. I usually do that when I WANT to pass the fuck out. lol

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