What exactly do you have planned for 4/20?

Discussion in 'General' started by dayv41, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. for me (and about 7-10 friends, depending on who makes the hour trip to spend it with the others) we have two 30mg XR adderall's, 2 LT's, combining everyones weed about 4-7 grams a person, and then we're going to the galactic's (fuckin awesome ass jam band from new orleans) concert in baton rouge, and then going out to other bars with specials (2 for 1) then going back and smokin more.

    the bad thing is everyone will be spending about 40-60$ but it will be completely worth it.
    oh and then the next weekend 28-30th we're goin see dylan and dmb in concert at jazzfest.

    so what are your exact plans as of now (and up untill 4/20)?
  2. i'm found out i'm scheduled to work (ABSOLUTELY STONED< please.)
  3. Just bought an ounce for $75 and plan on getting baked all day long
  4. sooo many threads on this man, but other than that, i got a friend making some brownies for me and my pals for lunch. :D

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