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What every night should be.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Golem-146, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Well just sitting back chilling over here. Man dont you wish every night was like this..

    Wish you guys were here, gmommy, bongish, obliv, bud head

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  2. so who gave you blue bawls?
  3. so what do ya think of mix?

    gmommy where are ya?
  4. I have a night like that almost every friday and saturday night...

    Only I have Jack and coke or 151 and punch... The 151 give that little guy his punch on that commercial!!!!!!!
  5. Come on down Gmommy!!!! We need a little woman touch to the three screwgies!!!!!!!!

    I'm partying in the other room... I'm the shy one!!!!!!
  6. yeah..... i think i'll play it safe and join bud head in that room. seems safer.... less shit related sex.... sex at all for that matter. ;p

    so, now that me and bud head are chillin out in the other room, putting up with the banging and screams coming from teh other room, we're about to put on some deap mellow music and spark a bowl.... who's joining? :D
  7. Digit, Gangamom and I are just chilling in the OTHER room AWAY from the screwgies.. Anyone else want to loin in on the bowls and mellow music???

    If not just go in the other room!!!!!
  8. Looking for typos eh mom.... Trying to keep us stoners in line?? LMAO that was supposed to be join!!

    Where the hell is Sensi any way!!!!!!
  9. Congrads GM on passing 900!!!!!!!

    :::doing a little 900 naked dance::::
  10. anybody else here hungry?

    because I am, mommy fix me some food
  11. Wooo hooo mom!!

    I had fried okra, baked potato, fried sguash, and cornbread!

    I have a fresh baked hot apple pie about to come out of the oven for desert..

  12. bud head fix me dinner

    please :)

  13. I'm waiting for you to show up!!!!
  14. Tonight...

    BBQ chicken on the grill with Baked potato covered with broccoli and cheese. and stir fry veggies!

    Another apple pie cooling.. Whip cream and vanilla Icecream!!!!!

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