What ever shall we call it?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smileygirl, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I was doing some thinking and some bong rips the other night and had a flash of a brilliant idea!

    Why don't we have a marijuana television channel?! I mean there's BET for the African Americans, LOGO for the homosexuals, TV Land for old folks...you get the point.

    Think about it, it could have live shows (reggae, jam bands, etc.) It could show classic stoner films (Half Baked, Smiley Face, Dazed and Confused.) It could have cooking show type things, "Kush Cuisine!" It would be fucking amazing!

    I just can't think of a name...ideas?

    AND, I know I'm not the first person to have this idea so refrain from the "you're unoriginal, I'm a douche." kinda remarks :)

    Peace out dolls!
    xoxo :smoke:
  2. Why screw around trying to be clever? why not just be honest and call it "The Marijuana Channel"
  3. I would call it The High Channel 8D

  4. Since when are these "Classic Stoner Films"? The classics would have to be "Up In Smoke" and "Nice Dreams" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." :smoke:

  5. Dude, how dare you forget one of the best ones! Dazed and Confused, man.
  6. Its been done...

    Its called cartoon network... :smoke:
  7. POT Channel. Pot On Telivision
  8. I figure "High There!" should be a program, with a weed leaf logo in the bottom right corner
    and its just good weed being loaded, rolled, smoked
    kief and extracts and hasish
    and other wonders of the universe and marijuana .

    We shall call it the SmokeyH channel
    its like my 72 virgins.

  9. Or we could call it... The Cannabis Hour
  10. No see, it is all about me . ;)
  11. whenever bud becomes legal (if it does) that wouldn't be a bad idea..unfortunately until then we just have cartoons, dank movies and documentaries.

    elevation would be a good name.
  12. This is just silly, why not play some great old shows that stoners all love (like Beavis and Butthead)?
  13. i can imagine it having so many adds that it would not be worth watching.
  14. that sounds like every channel, haha.
  15. dont act like you dont watch cartoons all day
  16. I've come up with two names:

    1: THC

    2: The green network

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