What Ever Happened to Welfare Mothers?

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    "And what about women who have reached their state's time limit—two years, three years, five years—and can't get welfare for the rest of their lives? Jane Collins, the author, with Victoria Mayer, of Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low-Wage Labor Market, writes, "In Wisconsin, most people who have used up their time limits are simply out of luck.""

    LOL realy the government is responsible for doling out money for everyone? Where does goevernment money come from ? The people. So realy welfare programs are like saying "YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE" to the rest of society. Fuck that, they can die in the streets for all I care. I thought this country was about freedom, not bondage.

    and don;t you think if their were no limits on benefits people would just stay unemployed forever since as the atricle says working a low wage job makes you poorer than if your on welfare?
  2. Wow your a fucking clown. What if that was YOUR mother dying on the streets, would you still no give a fuck tough guy?
  3. Yeah I would go help her. It's not everybodies responsibility. It's freedom. You have the freedom to help or not help. Welfare tax's people who don't want to put their hard earned money to helping them. Effectively taking away freedom to do what you want with your money.
  4. Again, I don't particularly like welfarism, but if you look at all the horrifically violent, pure fucking insidiously evil things government does and still say, "you know what we really need to get rid of? that welfare!" then you are a seriously morally corrupt individual.

    End war and shut down the military (the REAL welfare queens). Then this world can start to heal in earnest.
  5. So you dont support any form of non-corporate welfare? Or just no taxes at all?

    What about the majority of Americans who dont mind paying a little more (even though taxes are at their lowest since Truman) to help others barely survive?
  6. It's noble in theory, but welfare doesn't require taxation. In fact, it's taxation that makes helping the poor/sick/homeless/jobless unnecessarily difficult. If 40% of your income didn't go to pay off a debt you never accrued, or to fighting wars of imperialism and genocide all over the world, you would have that much more money to contribute to helping those in need.
  7. Oh i agree with you, but it doesnt look like the defense dept, the pentagon or the military's budget will be cut dramatically anytime soon.
  8. I don't support any form of welfare, corporate or otherwise. I know it wasn't asked of me, but it was such a good question I couldn't help but opine.

    Let those who wish to pay a little more to help others give their own money freely to those persons. Do you not trust them to do the right thing? I trust that the people will do the right thing.

    There's a reason that all sorts of hospitals start with the word "Saint", because individuals grouped together to aid those in their community in need. I know it's astonishing, but society managed to function quite well before Big Nanny Government came along and announced "I'M HERE TO HELP!" and then made the problems exponentially worse.

    It works like this
    I. The government creates a program to 'fix' a problem
    II. The new programs makes things worse and makes more problems.
    III. The government declares "We must have a new program to 'fix' this problem'

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    And then you end up like Greece.
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    Seriously. How did we manage to fuck up conquering one of the most oil rich countries on the planet?

    I'm not joking with this post. How did we manage to NOT make money from conquering Iraq? It just baffles the mind.

    At least when the British went on foreign imperial adventures they made money in the process. That's the entire point of an imperial system. Your conquests pay for themselves and then some. Imperiaism doesn't work when it's cheaper to stay home and play X-Box then it is to goa round conquering things.

    Sometimes I truly marvel at the ineffeciency of our society. People have been making Imperialism work for the better part of the last 5000 years. It's not complicated. Invade. Take shit. How do you mess that up?


    EDIT: For further reading Sir Elliot recommend Pat Buchanan's "A Republic, Not an Empire" Which was written, hauntingly, in 1999 when he recognized the writing on the walls of what was taking place with our foreign policy.

    For all the legitimate reasons we can fault Bush, invading Iraq was a continuation of the previous 10+ years of foreign policy the US had in place towards Iraq. The line between "actively working for regime change" and actually going in to change the regime is really quite small.

    We were supposed to be a Republic, not an Empire.

  10. So you dont think there should be ANY form of welfare, or a social safety net, for ANYONE?

  11. :love:

  12. Yup i so agree. Yeah i know people abuse the welfare system, but with everything else wrong that's going on, i just really don't care.
  13. Not a government run safety net. Friends and family fill the need for individuals. Corporations don't need them. If they fail it was because of bad bussiness practices, thats their fault.
  14. Corporations obviously dont need any form of welfare, im totally against taxpayer-funded corporate welfare.

    But what happens to a single mother or a single father or anyone for that matter, if they dont have any family, or any friends? Just say ahh screw em? Would you have our taxes being used to bomb and then rebuild countries that have never done anything to us? Or, would you rather see that money put to use here, for the people in this country who are right now barely able to survive, maybe a single mom raising 3 kids and working two jobs without any form of healthcare?
  15. People are free to start private organizations to combat the problem.
  16. I think anyone here who saw a single mother with 2 or 3 kids struggling to make ends meet would help them out. The main problem with welfare are the lazy assholes that just abuse the system. Duh. If your health is good and your able to work get off your ass and find a job. Now on the west coast it's a little harder because you have a bunch of people hiring illegals but hey their just trying to better themselves right and that's what the people on welfare are doing too right. Just trying to get some support. Well no that's bullshit. Laziness is the biggest problem in America not wars, not welfare, not healthcare. That's my two cents on the subject.
  17. Well you're not, really, hence the problem.

    I'll have to find the article, but some New York doctor tried giving away his services to poor folks, completely bro bono, and the regulators wouldn't have it. Y'know, the same dickholes who claim to be working for the benefit of the poor. They gotta get their cut. Mobsters.
  18. well it seems facism is ruining our country then isn't it.

    Freedom is the only way yeah!

    Sadly not America Fuck yeah as we have drifted away from capitalism into facsism and socialism.
  19. Yes, corporate facism. State monopoly capitalism. We live in a plutocracy.

    Socialism isnt to blame for the United States problems.;)

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