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what else to use with iguana juice

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by lavenderwinter0, May 9, 2009.

  1. well... im switching from using my mentors concoction to my own...sooo.... i want to use iguana juice... the feeding schedule says to use everything in the advanced line and i think thats a little over kill.. the plan is:iguana juice veg and bloom, H2 or F1 ( are these the same thing? opinions on this would be great), sensizyme carboload and big bud.... what do you think sound good or other suggestion
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    I used AN products several years ago and my last couple of grows before I stopped the hobby for a few years were with their Iguana and the full organic line up. It really worked great. If you go to advancednutrients.com you can still access the Nutrient Calculator which is a very handy tool for mixing up your nutes. I'm growing again but the hydro shop that used to sell AN went out of biz about a year ago and now the closest outlet is about 4 hours away...:( So... not wanting to do mail order I'm using the Botanicare Pure Blend Pro product line with their feed chart. I'd still be doing the whole Iguana/AN organic trip if it was readily available. I just think it's easier to follow a set recipe of a manufacturer rather than substitute other brands and try to determine how much to use. I'm sure you could get away with omitting a couple of the more esotheric items but it's hard to know how much it would impact your grow.

    One odd thing about AN is I've found the application rates printed on the bottle labels of their products to be totally whacked in comparison to the much lower amounts suggested for use in formulas the Nute Calc comes up with. If you use Voodoo Juice at the app rate on the bottle it's like 3x the strength of what the Calc suggests. I remember people running into this and posting concerns on the AN Forum several years ago when it was going but has now been shuttered.

    Here's a pdf of their Iguana Organic formula for flowering as a PDF:

    Good Luck...

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