What else should I add to my soil/setup?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by RickyTick, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. What is something about my grow/soil should change? 
    What amendments should I add or drop for my next grow?
    Should I top dress, or use a tea? 
    This is my first grow. I have two plants flowering (week 5, mostly sativa). Each is in a 5 gal container.
    The space is 2x2x6 (Closet), 90% sealed. Because its sealed, using a fan drives the heat up to the 90's. I can't have a ventilation setup, so twice a day I open the room for 10 min, so the air can circulate.
    Temp stays at 72-74, RH from 50-70 (depending when I water)
    Veg - Two 400w (105w actual) 5000 lumen, 6500k CFL's.
    Flower - Same bulbs, but 2700k. 
    1 cf MG Organic Choice Garden Soil (0.10-0.05-0.10)
    1 cup blood meal (12-0-0)
    1 cup bone meal (4-12-0)
    1 cup ground alfalfa hay
    3/4 cup powdered dolomite lime
    20% perlite
    I water about every three days.


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  2. Kelp meal for sure, 1cup/cf. That is a must have.
    My very first organic run was Blood, Bone, Kelp+the dolo and it worked just fine.
    The EWC and alfalfa came later, but your plants are looking quite nice as is.

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