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What else is there to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shankmasterflex, May 28, 2009.

  1. #1 Shankmasterflex, May 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 5, 2009
    I really love rolling up a joint and smoking for relaxation. I don't like tobacco cause the smell and taste don't fancy me, and the buzz gives me a huge headache. Is there anything around the house/dorm/convenience store/market that i could roll up and smoke? Preferably with similar consistency to weed. Also it'd be cool if it gave off a nice aroma-type smell.
    thanks guys.

    edit: would like to inform that im not really chasing a high or even a buzz, just something to roll up and smoke. if that changes your prefs is anyway haha

    double edit: smoked green tea. relaxing smoke but it smelt god-awful.
  2. why would you want to do that? just smoke weed
  3. haha sorry i had to cut this post down cause it wasn't posting it for some reason? who knows.

    i can't really be high right now/don't really want to, and also im totally dry sooooo... those are my main reasons.
  4. oh umm i remember hearing something ... i seriouslt cant remember it was some kind of herby leaf that someone in here said everybody in VA mixes with their weed
  5. that sounds like something i'd be interested in hahah :smoking:
    if you find out please post again. ;)
  6. I like to smoke a green tea joint. Its refreshing, relaxing, and gives a slight buzz.
  7. Try getting those fake bud things that they sell online or at head shops.
  8. is this true? can anyone second this? if so that sounds like exactly what im looking for. can you just tear it open and roll up what's inside the teabag? :smoke:

    i would but i don't really trust all those odd "psychoactive" ingredients. if they were more popular and stuff i'd probably try it, but i'm also not near a headshop right now. :p
  9. I hear crack is the bomb.
  10. Go on the GC store, because you aren't going to find anything safe to smoke at the local stores...

    After your at the GC store, loomk at the item called 'spice gold'

    It gives a long lasting high almost identical to MJ. Search it on the search bar!
  11. I have never smoked green tea myself but i heard you can. I would just Google that up.
  12. more weed.
  13. a teabag's worth of chamomile smells pleasant and relaxes you. It crackles like a sparkler when you light it, too :) You'll smell like a BBQ tho
  14. Off the top of my head -

    Datura and Passionflower can both be smoked. Datura is dangerous in high doses but should be safe if you only use a bit. Apparently it's a really 'trippy' experience but I've never done it. Passionflower is a mild sedative - I am told that you will feel as though you've had a few glasses of wine after you smoke it. You should be able to pick these up at herbal/vitamin shops or even garden suppliers if you don't mind identifying the active parts and grinding them yourself
  15. According to the drug information site Erowid, no other substance has received as many "Train Wreck" severely negative experience reports as has Datura, dont smoke
  16. hahaha thanks for letting me know. and erowid is pretty goddamn trust worthy.

    i'd like to state im not exactly chasing a high right now, a buzz is alright by me but im really just looking to have a relaxing roll/smoke just for shits and giggles. im ganna edit that and put it in the first post as well.
  17. Smoking a few joints of chamomile will get you feelin good "like being on xanax, or mild marijuana"

    Never tried it myself, just read that up.
  18. oh and thanks for the thread, much help.
    anything other than green tea guys?
  19. It never gave me a headache, it tasted delicious, and was quite enjoyable. But everones different. I say try it once.

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