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What else is similar to Big Bud bloom enhancer?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Quiller, Jul 19, 2010.

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    What else could I use that is similar to the Big Bud product? Looking for something for the beginning of bloom, I have gravity for the last 2 weeks... This is for indoor hydro drip system with 1000 w HPS.... 80 g rez.

    These are what I have access to....

    Any of these help?

    Beastie Bloomz?
    Monster Bloom?
    Awesome Blossoms?
    B'cuzz Bloom Stimulator?
    Super Natural Bud Blaster?
    Bloom Fuel?
  2. ive only used fox farms and had great success but dont know how compatible it is with other nutes
  3. I know Big Bud as one of the best y u changing it you should try Atomi's Bloombastic I heard it works better that BB
  4. I use 5mL per gallon koolbloom the first 6 weeks of flowering, then up it to 10mL per gallon and finish them off. I like the liquid koolbloom as opposed to the powder products. Never tried big bud, but one time I tried monster bloom and it burnt the shit outa my plants.
  5. monster bloom is very potent if they were used to another nute/brand then ya gotta b careful with ff alot of ppl say go half on all recomendations of fox farms. I always start out small but within a few weeks of the seed germing i go to full strength havent had trouble yet only with my tiger lillies too strong for the ff in general had to dillute it to less then a 1/4 strength. after burnin em:eek:
  6. canna pk 13.14
  7. Id say Monster bloom is the best...its up and coming and a lot of ppl have been asking for it and using it with great success...at 0-50-30 not too many come close to it...bestie bloomz is also another great one again at 0-50-30...i used hydroplex by botanicare at 0-10-6...compared to the beatsie i say its close to no comparison...
    hope this helps
  8. humboldt big up powder
  9. I used 10 ml per gallon of liquid koolbloom all through flower on my last grow, just harvested, got about 78 grams dry now and that's not even half of it, all from one plant.

    I'm using it again this time.

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