What Else Do You Guys Think I Need?

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  1. I finally made a soil. The Base is 1 part Peat Moss 1 part Mushroom Compost and 1 part perlite. I added Lime, Kelp Meal, Blood Meal, a dry organic fert for tomatoes and Rock phosphate. Anything else I need or should get? I also made a compost tea with the mushroom compost, blood meal, dry organic fert and Kelp meal. That's as far as I got. In not growing anything yet in waiting on seeds but I have some tomatoes and Peppers growing pretty well. Might wait till next year or get autos. Any suggestions tips?
  2. bat guano and worm castings
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    Rock dust for your soil mix for sure and why the blood meal in the in the tea? I wouldn't add it personally, so just wondering why you do.
    Casting and guano I would say too :D
  4. What they said and you are missing the most important thing, quality earth worm castings they are a must have for any organic gardner. The mushroom compost would not be a good substitute for the castings. Oh and a little composted manure would hurt either.
  5. alfalfa, ewc for sure, probable more perlite to keep it loose
    I think you need this  http://forum.grasscity.com/organic-growing/1116550-easy-organic-soil-mix-beginners.html
    Seriously......read it and then do it, you won't be sorry!
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    Thanks for the help. Ill tweek some things I was sure Mushroom Compost was a good Substitute and I get it free. I also didn't see that I mistook Rock Dust for Rock Phosphate. Ill pick up the other amendments and get a new batch cooking

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