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  1. hey guys. So Ive always grown in soil and coco. I was thinking about doing organic living soil for my next grow but something has drawn me towards DWC instead.

    I've started gathering supplies to create a perpetual DWC grow

    So far I have
    2 bubble bucket DWC systems.
    2 80x80x160cm tents.
    T5 lighting for veg
    "1000w" LED for flower (from eBay so i expect it to actually be 600w),
    a LUX meter to measure light,
    general hydro flora trio nutrients
    ,canna boost
    , cannazyme,
    micorrizae powder,
    advanced nutrients B52
    fans and carbon filter.
    Ph down and a Ph/ppm meter.

    Is there anything else I need to keep the roots healthy? I've heard not to use H202 with cannazyme or rhizotonic though I've also heard if you add the h202 a couple days before you add the cannazyme and rhizotonic it will be fine . Is this true?

    I was planning on also getting a third propagation tent for seedlings in which I will keep 3 plants in rock wool cubes so I can have a perpetual monthly harvest.

    Sorry if this is a long post I'm just new to hydro and perpetual and want to know if I'm ok to go ahead with the grow with the equipment I mentioned
  2. I like to use hydrogard it helps prevent root rot.
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  3. Thanks I will research that product.
  4. I like hydrogaurd but u also need some way to control res temps. I ran dwc my first go, ran into root rot as soon as the water temps hit 78... Changed frozen water bottles daily until harvest and it was a hassle. I did two soil runs after and I'll never do that again so I'm currently back to dwc but this time I bought a 12gal chiller off eBay for $90 USD. Res temps currently at 68°f... Also, I did LED, never tried hps so I can't speak on the differences but I enjoyed what my LED lights did, I got 138.7g dry first time around off 280w (true). This time I have a 400w hps. I'd love to get half a P. But with dwc, it's almost a given. GLG!
  5. I have some insulation I can wrap around the DWC and also I'm going to place a sheet of mylar on top of the bucket to reflect light but if that's not enough to keep the water cool I don't mind replacing frozen water bottles daily.

    This is a noob question but I've read some crazy numbers reguarding dwc yields and I don't know what to realistically expect but What kind of yeild can I expect with a heavy indica strain in DWC in a 80cm2 grow tent with a SCROG and a minimum of 600W LED for flowering if growing environment is optimum
  6. I'm some what of a noob as well but if all is "OPTIMUM" you should get at least 300 grams give or take. A square meter should get u a pound tho. Especially in dwc. (I'm now an official DWC representative lol)... But all jokes aside, if u keep the pH right, don't over nute, work out temps, both ambient and res including Rh, and distance the light correctly there's nothing keeping you from growing a pound in one harvest. I hope to see it, make a journal I'll be the first to sub in. I'm thinking about making a journal myself.
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  7. Hey man I will make a diary when I get the DWC set up. For now you can either check out my grow journal on my profile or check out my snapchat. The name is "vibestek"
  8. What kind of chiller did u get from eBay for $90 can u post pics of it please

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  9. I ran my last DWC veg with hydroguard and let the rez temps stay in the mid 70's to low 80's. I didn't do a thing to chill it and it did just fine. I have had root rot issues - bad - but not again after going with Hydroguard. Mammoth P and Orca also work well. I also didn't change the rez once for all of veg, but topped it with fresh nutes/RO as needed. I don't recommend this - I just did it as an experiment. But 8 plants each in 5 gal buckets all did great with no concern for temps.

    All that said, I flower in a large RDWC and I use beneficials in it - AND I use a chiller.
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  10. You're missing PK, I use Complete Hydroponics PK13/14
  11. I am just seeing this... But yea I'll go take some pics now and try to upload some links.
  12. Here's the link
    2 in 1 Aquarium Adjustable Thermostat Chiller Heater | eBay

    And some pics

    24°c is the ambient temp outside the tent
    It's 82-84°f inside the tent
    I have the chiller set to 08°c to even things out kind of...
    Keeps the water temps around 13°c with lights on and about 11°c with lights off. No proof as my water temp monitor is faulty and I have to order a new one. But that water is brisk cold trust me.

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