what else do i need appart from this cfl bulb (Link)

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  1. already have 400w hps up n running, now been told to add a CFL if i buy this bulb what else do i need???? (ballast, special equitment, or do i just need a normal table lamp

    my grow room is only small its a wardrobe in my bedroom the 400w is on the top shelf but i been told HPS on its own stresses the plant out somebody told me i need to add this CFL blue spectrum 6400k bulb all i wanna do is grow a few plants i could probably fit 5 or 6 plants in the space i have i just wanna grow a few not looking to make money i just wanna grow some of my own bud as i say i already have a HPS so theres no turning back now if that is the wrong light

    im new to growing i really dont have a clue am learning as i go on

    So if i buy this CFL bulb what else do i need to run it???? from the photo it looks like i just need a normal table lamp but i really dont know

    [ame=http://www.amazon.co.uk/GreenLamp-Spectrum-6400k-light-Bayonet/dp/B004G6TKLY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1304438040&sr=8-2]GreenLamp 65w Blue Spectrum 6400k CFL grow light lamp bulb Bayonet B22: Amazon.co.uk: Lighting[/ame]

    i am new to the site too i posted this 3 or 4 times now am getting answer from all over the place they told me to come here hopefully am in the right place now
  2. hey, thanks for that link, I was looking for bulbs. i'm 99.9% sure they go into a normal bayonet socket. I think i'll get the bulb and maybe the 'clip on lamp holder.'

    I notice if you go direct to the green lamp site, that bulb is £9.99


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