What else can I vape? (besides bud)?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by topdog82, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. On a weekend, I would get up, vape some sativa, and go for a run and start my day. If I have studying to do I typically wait till after for some vaporbonging

    Anyways, is there anything that I can vape that will "pick me up" instead of vape me up lol?

    I have some very expensive green tea that my aunt gave me when she moved. I use it occassionally. Imporrted from china, expensive as hell, and tastes much better than american store bought green tea. Anyways, should I vape it?

    Should I try coffee powder?

    Any experiences in this area? I could vape tobacco, but I am trying to get away from that kind of thing
  2. You could try things like lavender, and tea will work. :smoking:

  3. and does tea "pick you up"? Like vaping caffiene?
  4. healing herbs for when you are sick, like oregano and spearmint

  5. Tea has caffeine..
  6. This is dope I'm doing this!

  7. Im more of a green tea guy myself rather than tea or coffee. But I will try both variations

    And my question regarding caffiene was would I have to combust the tea? Or the would the caffiene vaporize before combustion temps. But I guess you kinda just answered that then :)
  8. green tea is pretty nice. It's like you're taking a sip of a fresh brew , yet you're not drinking anything.

  9. and does it give you a boost in energy?
  10. Dunno , I only did it once when I was baked. Though it felt like it temporarily lifted the high for a minute.

  11. worst case I can enjoy some taste

  12. I just vaped some green tea out of my Solo. Needless to say, there was NO visible vapor. Tasted awesome and raised my heart rate, but other than that I'll only do it to cover up my vaped weed breath :laughing:


  13. LOL thanks for trying it for me. I have just vaped a bowl of it. Great taste and a mild pick me up. I like it better as a tea
  14. If your stuffed up sage works great.....not the spice sage.... It smells rerally minty

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